Pop Quiz: What Does This Chart Represent?


a) Ratings for the first week of THE JAY LENO SHOW.
b) HBO’s subscriber base now that TRUE BLOOD has gone on hiatus.
c) Herc’s credibility upon calling Jenna Elfman’s new ‘comedy’ ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE “a little funnier than” HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER on aintitcoolnews.com
d) The renewal prospects for THE BEAUTIFUL LIFE: TBL after the show’s disappointing bow on last Wednesday.
e) All of the above.

Answer: ‘a), although, ‘e’ would also be acceptable!

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  • John

    Oh, I was gonna guess the quality of Heroes, with the fourth and fifth dots representing projected quality for this season and next season.

  • Ace

    All of the above including John’s and most of our emotional rollercoaster last night when Kristen Chenoweth won and then NPH lost to John Cryer.

  • Manju

    And here I was thinking it represented the amount of TV news worthy items now fall season has started…
    just kidding, you’re awesome!

  • TVFan

    (b) Definitely. HBO can call me when Bill and Sookie come back next summer!

  • Just wanted to share a really funny (but also somewhat sad) contribution from twitter follower @jenvargas “My soul while working awful temp jobs? It’s close”

    Hang in there @jenvargas. Things could be worse. You could be the person who has to add the laugh track to shows like TWO AND A HALF MEN and ACCORDING TO JIM.

  • Irish Joe

    LOL… poor TBL… I actually didnt hate it…

    On a ratings note… last season TV Addict had a great ratings post each day letting us all know how many viewers were watching each show… any chance of having that back again!?

  • Irish Joe,

    To answer your question, stay tuned… Changes and a slight redesign are on their way. And with it, the return of ratings info which everybody loves!

  • Leno one was a no brainier, and I am sorry but I hope it keeps falling.

    I believe it will, especially with the majority of shows returning this week!!