Watch, PVR, Pass: Monday September 21, 2009


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  • Ace

    I wish that CBS had kept HIMYM and BBT together and let the bad comedies “entertain” others at 9. Like the new format btw. The hilarious guilty pleasure The Rachael Zoe project is also on tonight at 10 on Bravo.

  • Jackie

    I would like to thank you for publishing these daily schedules–now I don’t have to look up anything myself! Thanks for enabling my laziness; I mean that in all seriousness and in the best way possible. 🙂

  • Glad you like it Jackie,
    I’ve been thinking of doing them daily as it seems like an easy way to provide readers with the night’s good, bad and ugly.

  • Dave

    I like the daily watch/dvr list. Especially these first few weeks of the season where good shows can get lost in the shuffle. Tonight is a pretty big night of shows to watch. Darn the ability of only recording two shows, looks like i will be in another room watching HIMYM and One tree while House and Heroes are recorded.

  • Oh, very nice. I like this layout a lot better with the channels as the rows and the times as the columns.

    Wow, two hours of House *and* two hours of Heroes. Good thing my enthusiasm is so low for Heroes that I’m willing to catch up on it later — if I even bring myself to set the TiVo to record it. Already cancelled my season pass for it, but that ole morbid curiosity is resurfacing. I don’t think the show is as repulsively bad as most people say yet still wayward & frustrating enough to consider dumping it. My inner thighs are chaffing from riding the fence on the topic. Maybe that’s a disturbing metaphor. Sorry.

    House, though, definitely onboard for that.

  • bws

    I gots the Heroes and the Gossip Girls tonight although both will probably be viewed while multitasking… well, maybe I can pay attention to Heroes for one night.

  • Mike

    Monday is the worst (best) night! There are always three shows on!

    Tonight. Watch House, DVR Heroes and CBS. I’m going to give Accidentally a chance. It’s right in the middle of three shows I like.

    I did figure a way to do it with only one TV and one DVR box all on one coax outlet, that others might be interested to hear.

    From the wall go to a 2-1 splitter…
    a. goes to the dual tuner DVR
    b. goes to the coax input on the TV giving me a third tuner 😀

    I am able to pick up the over the air HD signal which works because I am watching network TV.

  • Hil

    Too bad they are waiting to show CHUCK until bloody March and instead will be showing Heroes in that slot. It feels like a punishment. 🙁

  • Am so excited to see House return this evening, this is perhaps my most highly anticipated show. I am also curious to see how Heroes will be… better, or even worse. That will have to wait til tomorrow however because Hugh Laurie is calling all my attention this evening!

    Also, am pretty amped about Castle. It was quite a little quirky show at the end of last season. Can not wait to see if it continues. CSI: Miami is also coming back and I will be DVRing it, but am not particularly excited.

  • Josh Emerson

    Watch: Heroes
    DVR: How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, Accidentally on Purpose, One Tree Hill

    I would never choose Heroes over HIMYM/BBT, but I’m watching with someone else and they want to see Heroes.

  • Alison

    Monday’s are soo busy! I actually have to watch HIMYM live which I haven’t done since the Chuck finale. Then I’ll watch the House premiere and Tivo OTH, GG, Greek, and Castle

  • BHcolin

    okay a little FYI for people

    New episodes of Heroes are repeated on Tuesdays at 9pm and on Wednesdays at 1pm on G4. (central times)

    New episodes of House are repeated on USA the next week on Friday nights (I think 10pm). So this season premiere would air on Oct.2
    and Greek repeats the next night at 11pm

    I’ve had to figure out some rescheduling for myself cause although I have a DVR it only tapes 2 programs at once (oh the day it can tape five at once is going to be wonderful). I also have two vcrs, but ever since I did one tv with just the cable hookup (not a box) it won’t tape the channels I want – cause the stations are different. I need to invest in a couple dvd recorders and call it a day
    NCIS, Survivor, CSI I’ll be watching onDemand. Thank you CBS.
    I watch way to much tv, cause I’m gonna have issues every night of the week but Sunday.
    Law and Order:SVU for those who care has a similar thing as House, it’s the following week on Sunday nights
    Thank goodness NBC went to Jay Leno cause I only need to deal with two networks cause luckily cable repeats there shows later in the evening.
    Just thought this might help

  • eyeknow

    CASTLE…really? C’mon, really? That show blows. Only reason ABC didn’t cancel is they didn’t have anything else.

  • David

    By any chance, are you a woman. Watching Glee and Greek, but taping Heroes and House. Something seems wrong here.

  • Thank goodness NBC went to Jay Leno cause I only need to deal with two networks cause luckily cable repeats there shows later in the evening.