Call us crazy, but last night’s two-hour season premiere of HOUSE that had the good doctor (not to mention us viewers) stuck in Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital for what felt like an eternity alongside some very talented guest stars (including Franka Potente, Andre Braugher and Broadway’s Lin-Manuel Miranda) was an epic fail. Okay sure, Laurie now has the pre-requisite ‘Very Special Episode’ for next year’s Emmy reel already in the can. And yes, the show, which does tend to become somewhat repetitious did switch things up from the standard mystery illness of the week. But for our money, last night is not how you start off a season. Personal character journeys that leave supporting favorites such as Cuddy, Chase and Cameron in the wings should be reserved for mid-season or at the very least, sweeps episodes. Not a season opener where viewers have waited very patiently all summer long for the return of their favorite differential diagnosticians.

While Robert Knepper’s ‘King of the Carnival’ certainly piqued our interest, and Claire giving it the ol’ college try had us intrigued, Hiro and Ando’s ‘Dial a Hero’ had us dialing another channel… RIP HEROES.

Neil Patrick Harris was robbed! Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, there really isn’t that much else to say about last night’s HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER season premiere. After-all, it comes as little surprise that Barney has a ‘whip guy,’ or that we’re already in love with Robin and Barney together. Which is why, we’ll leave you with the following. A message if you will, to all those shows (*cough*cough*HOUSE*cough*BONES*cough*) who are terrified of putting their will-they-or-won’t-they couples together for fear that it will destroy their show and/or possibly cause a rift in some sort of time and space continuum… Allow us to present an argument for doing so: Marshall and Lilly, happily married remain one of television’s best twosomes. Oh yeah… you’ve been lawyered!

When it comes to THE BIG BANG THEORY we’re willing to accept a whole lotta crazy. Sheldon running off to his Mom upon discovering that his North Pole possé completely duped him into thinking he had discovered some sort of Nobel-winning-paradigm-shift makes total sense. Wolowitz donning a red cowboy hat to better fit into his southern Texas surrounding and to match his red turtleneck, ditto. But Penny and Leonard together, in the biblical sense? Sorry, not buying it. Seriously. Creators Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady can keep trying, but we will never buy into your bizarro version of Ross and Rachel because deep down inside, you know the truth: Penny is meant to be with Sheldon. (Exhibit A: Did you see how quickly she rushed to his bedside (again!) to console him?)

  • Ace

    Haven’t watched House yet; any two hour show must be taped to get out of all those commercials! I finally broke up with Heroes and it feels so good.

    It’s going to take a little while for me to get used to Barney and Robin making out all the time. It just feels weird. But you are so right about Marshmellow and Lillypad; they are potentially the greatest TV couple of all time.

    As for BBT, I always felt that Penny had more of a sassy sister relationship to the guys. I was hoping that after she tried dating Leonard in season 1, that would be it.

  • makila

    there is not a girl in her right mind that would want to be with sheldon.

  • I DVR’ed Heroes, so that will have to wait for tonight or maybe even this weekend. I love the show, or at least did in the past and I find myself having to force myself to even THINK about watching it. NOT a good sign.

    I couldn’t agree with you more about last nights House. It did NOT measure up to my expectations, and dragged on forever. I finally convinced one of my girlfriends to watch the show, and last night was her first episode. I doubt she will be returning now because of it. It is a shame too, seeing as House is usually one of the highlights or my TV week.

    As for the other two, sorry can not comment. I am just not that into comedy, must be my personality.

  • Josh Emerson

    How could you possibly in a million years believe that Penny and Sheldon should be together? SHELDON! Have you not been watching the past two seasons? It would be completely out of character for him to get in a relationship with anyone, let alone someone like Penny. The whole idea is ridiculous and I can’t believe how many people actually support it online. It would be the biggest jump the shark TBBT could have.

    I do agree that more shows should put their “will they or won’t they?” couples together earlier. Jim and Pam of The Office are the prime example I would give. Marshall and Lily have basically always been together.

  • makila, Josh Emerson,

    Just to clarify, I’m not saying right now. Obviously Sheldon needs to grow as a person… a lot. I’m just saying that there definitely is a spark there, great chemistry and I very much dislike Leonard + Penny.

  • merds

    I totally agree with Sheldon + Penny. There’s definitely chemistry between those two.

  • Amy D

    I love the idea of Sheldon + Penny. They have great chemistry. I’m defin. not a fan of her Leonerd. I was much happier with him just pineing away for her. They just don’t have nearly enough sparks between them.
    And I swear I may be the only person who did like the House premiere last night lol. I thought it was really interesting. Although I did miss Cameron, Chase, and Cuddy big time.

  • Daniel

    I thought last night’s HOUSE was incredible and brave to do exactly what you have voiced concerns with.. to each his own and I respect your opinion but wasn’t that the perfect time to do it. Character progression, suprisingly void of the rest of the principal cast and giving you exactly what you’d hope for.. the unexpected. Now, if they all died and then came back next week that’s just jumping the shark jazz and I’d “boo” “hiss” about that too.. lol! 🙂

  • I have to disagree with TVA about House. Granted, the episode felt very different & not much like a season premiere, and it may not be high on the re-watch factor… But, otherwise, I thought it was excellent.

    The show proved a long time ago that House is the only character in the show that truly, truly matters. Everyone else is just pawns in his world. Last night, House was out of his normal world, and it allowed us to see a different side of him. Deep down, he’s still house — rude, grumpy, damaged, etc. But, now, there’s a glimmer of hope. In the sixth year, we’re still seeing character development.

    Most shows, even the good ones, end in the seventh or eighth year. We’re probably past the half-way point of House, so it’s refreshing to see House’s character on a potential up-swing. Maybe in 2 or 3 years, he can end a different, better person than how he began. Now, if they press the “reset button” next week and pretend last night’s episode never happened, I’ll be upset. But, if last night was the beginning of a growing, changing House, then I’m impressed.

  • TVFan

    Enjoyed House, but didn’t love it. LOVED HIMYM and Big Bang. And Heroes, trust me you didn’t miss anything.

  • movieguzzler

    I’m with those who loved last night’s House. I thought it was a fantastic episode and loved that they did something “different”. They pulled it off real well, substituting the old characters with fresh faces that were just as good. I’m not big on the whole “Huddy” thing.

  • MIA

    OK, I did not dislkie the HOUSE 2-hours. I am a big fan of the show, and I’ve been waiting the whole summer for it to come back.
    I want the character evolution, Im always opened for new & stuff.
    but I did not love this one. I liked it only.
    some of it was amazing and that’s thanks to HL who always brings it, no doubt about that.
    but a few examples not only felt very out of character (OK, I agree House had to go there to change but it was sometimes too forced and not natural) or over the top & illogical or left unexplained!

    – HOUSE rapping? seriously ridiculous > was painful to watch
    >the cake thing at the end made it a little better!

    – HOUSE running after Lydia, really? so people who’s been complaining about the Huddy thing being too soapy dont have a pb with this one? I mean, sure he made a connection but they could have him do that with showing him evolving without making half of this storyline totally out of character!

    – the doc’s life: what his story? what’s the point of bringing his father? what’s his real relationship with the girl? (as seen in the preview for next week, he’s still on so maybe that’s left for the next epis-)

    – OK I got to admit though when HOUSE & the guy started to fly and have a good time I was like, yeah right! but right after that, David Shore brings us back to reality, the guy jumps- never happy for long and the wake up call house needed to commit to get better!

    let me know what you guys think!


    I didn’t feel like House’s transformation was forced. He tried his best to be “old House” as long as possible before he realized it was counterproductive. His willingness to open up was gradual, but I do wish more had come out of his sessions with Andre Braugher’s character.

    I felt the opposite about the rapping and the cake. House likes music and grew to like his roommate. He got on stage only reluctantly and still didn’t exactly rap as much as he spoke a few lines to get his roommate past his blocks. The cake thing I thought was a little over-the-top. If I were one of those people, I’d be ticked. They were probably looking forward to that cake, and he ruined it. 😉

    I liked House’s relationship with Lydia, but making her married was a disappointment.

    I also liked House & Freedom-Master flying. Though I felt bad for both of them for what happened next, I did like that subplot. I think it would have been a little too dark if the guy hadn’t pulled through.

    It was great to see Andre Braugher as the doctor, and I wouldn’t mind seeing more of his character. Maybe he or his mysterious woman will become a patient of House’s later in the season.

    And, as unorthodox as the episode was, it was still House. He still “fixed” people by the end of the episode. Nice transition into the normal formula next week.

  • Debsa

    ” While Robert Knepper’s ‘King of the Carnival’ certainly piqued our interest, and Claire giving it the ol’ college try had us intrigued, Hiro and Ando’s ‘Dial a Hero’ had us dialing another channel… RIP HEROES”

    I couldn’t agree with you more, everytime Claire, Ando, Nathan, and everyone who wasn’t Robert Knepper and Ray Park the urge to change the channel was there.. Call me negative nelly, but this show is dead on arrival… It’s sad how such a great show was ruined… I need my comic book genre type show, I will need to wait until mid season and “Human Target”…

  • Ken

    I would’ve probably been disappointed by House did I not know beforehand the entire 2 hours would be in Mayfield. Going in knowing that I took the attitude that it was going to be a mostly self-contained mini-movie, which I think it performed well as.