Don’t be surprised if ABC’s THE FORGOTTEN is one of the just-begun season’s first casualties. Not because it’s a bad show — which it’s not, particularly — or because it’s basically COLD CASE: SPECIAL VOLUNTEER UNIT — which it is, basically — but rather because it premiered last night with almost no buzz. I’d be willing to bet that most of you are sitting there right now saying, “I never even saw an ad for that! What’s it about?” This happens every season… network’s decide early on which shows to throw their advertising budgets behind and, in doing so, basically allow others to become… well, forgotten. So while you’ve seen a barrage of ads for COUGAR TOWN, FLASH FORWARD, EASTWICK and MODERN FAMILY,chances are THE FORGOTTEN managed to sneak onto the airwaves without you even being aware of its existence. (I only happened to see an ad yesterday for the first time.) Plus it had the misfortune of airing against CBS’ THE GOOD WIFE, one of that network’s most trumpeted offerings. The show itself is well done, for what it is. Christian Slater — who plays former-cop-turned-volunteer-identity-sleuth Alex Donavon — kinda winces his way through, looking almost as if he blames all of us for not watching MY OWN WORST ENEMY and keeping him employed by that much smarter show. But Bob Stephenson (JERICHO) is downright fun to watch as Walter, a guy who we learn via a brilliant throwaway visual idolizes NYPD BLUE’s Sipowitz and thinks he’s a lot better at this whole crime-solving thing than he is. Of course, each member of the squad has a personal reason for doing what they do… I guess nobody does the right thing just ’cause it’s the right thing to do anymore. And given the whole SCOOBY-DOO vibe, you can’t help but view Anthony Carrigan’s scruffy young sculptor, Tyler, as the group’s Shaggy, making it a tad odd when an uncooperative potential witness refers to Walter by that name. All in all, there’s a lot here that works, and you could certainly do worse than to spend your time with this rag-tag team of investigators. But do it now, because I suspect it won’t be around long.

Having seen tonight’s GLEE in advance, all I will say is this: Watch it. You will laugh. You will cry. You’ll thank me.

There is something so wonderfully cheesy about MY ANTONIO that I can’t look away… and I’ve tried. Oh, how I’ve tried. For one thing, it has to be the most gorgeously filmed reality show in history, making the most of its lush Hawaiian setting not to mention the chiseled landscape of the hunk around whom it revolves, model-turned-actor Antonio Sabato Jr. Better still, it’s cheese on a stick with not a single moment feeling at all real thanks in large part to the star’s ex-wife, Tully, being “unexpectedly” thrown into the mix and the number of women apparently cast for no reason other than their unbalanced natures and potential for drama. Weirdly, what makes the whole thing work is the seeming sincerity of the man around whom all this drama swirls. Sure, he’s an actor… but he was never this good of one! And besides, anyone who doesn’t melt the second he flashes those gorgeous dimples is probably dead inside.

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  • blueberry

    I don’t understand why a network would put its muscle behind five new shows but then decide that a sixth one would put their marketing budget over the top.

    Sure, I haven’t seen any marketing for the forgotten, but I don’t buy that the budget is the reason.

  • Josh Emerson

    I have to agree with CT. I think the networks do spend different amounts of money on shows, based on different factors. I think each of them do choose a few shows each year that they are going to put more money behind because they have the highest chance of success. Fox promoted the hell out of Glee, CBS has been fully behind NCIS:LA and Good Wife, NBC behind Community and Mercy, and ABC has been heavily behind Flash Forward and Modern Family.

    I can’t remember the last time I saw promos for shows like Brothers or The Forgotten.

  • Ace

    Remember a while back when Daniel did a post about new taglines for shows. I’m pretty sure some very wise and witty reader submitted: The Forgotten: What we predict this show will be by early October. 😉

  • Kudos Ace,

    I probably should have added THE FORGOTTEN to the return of the poll-of-the-week, on the right sidebar by the way.

    And I sympathize. Far too often readers forget previous posts. Like how I didn’t seem to get ANY credit for starting the unsubstantiated rumour about DR. HORRIBLE making an Emmy guest appearance only to see it come true on Sunday.

    Not that I’m bitter or anything 🙂

  • Ace

    “I probably should have added THE FORGOTTEN to the return of the poll-of-the-week, on the right sidebar by the way.”

    Let me guess, you forgot (pun intended) it existed?

  • Nick

    RE: The Poll

    I certainly *hope* Accidentally is the first casualty. Is it me, or is Jenna Elfman not funny?

    Also, it was pretty obvious CW put its money behind Melrose and Vampire, leaving the worthy TBL to drum up its own publicity (thanks to Mischa). It’s true, networks feel (and perhaps rightly so) that viewers will only process so much new information, and asking them to become attached to 6 new shows is pretty unrealistic.

  • Tim

    Agree, little advertising about the forgotten and when i did see it, I wasn’t interested. As for My Antonio, jeez, I’ve tried to not watch either. lol But the bad drama and the fact that this ‘actor’ has an ex wife and mother who trully HATE each other. lol His ex is a trainwreck. His mother reminds me of an Italian Alexis Carrington Colby. lol In a good way. I doubt Antonio finds love with any of these women. I hate reality romance. They’re so fake.

  • ct

    Tim: YES! they totally PLAYED his mom as Alexis, too, having her enter with that big hat as if she was Alexis walkin’ into the courtroom in the first-season finale!

    Blue: I’m afraid it’s pretty-well documented that at a certain point, networks decide which shows have the strongest chance of survival and then put their big (advertising) bucks behind it. They make the conscious decision to let others fall by the wayside. Rare is the show that manages to eek out an audience based on a practically-non-existent pre-season buzz. I really don’t get the logic behind it, but it happens every single year… proving yet again that networks are run by morons.