Watch, PVR, Pass: Wednesday September 23, 2009


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  • bws

    A night of “Dance”, “Glee”, and “Modern Family” and your earlier review of Cougar Town has me leaning towards checking it out. It is Bill Lawrence after all.

  • Ace

    Umm, is it cool if I just say “ditto” to bws? 😛 I think I might also DVR Eastwick to see just how bad it is.

  • Call me a sucker for LIPSTICK JUNGLE hi-jinx but as long as you go in with a guilty-pleasure frame of mind you’ll enjoy EASTWICK. I did.

  • bws

    Hmmmm… my wife liked the Lipstick Jungle a lot. But also laughed at the badness of the Eastwick previews. I guess I record it? Save it for a rainy day? Eh?

  • jeffrey bryan

    Really? You’re wasting precious memory on Mercy, TBL, and Gary Unmarried? You’re NOT watching SYTYCD?

    I’m normally with you 100%, but not today.

  • bws

    I think TVA has had the “SYTYCD” discussion with Ariel on the podcast and he just can’t get into it. However, getting into TBL has no forgiveness. Don’t be an enabler! We might as well blame him for justifying the cancellation of “Privileged.” Oh I kid, I kid.

  • jeffrey bryan, in my defense:
    a) With regards to SYTYCD, while I can appreciate the talent, I have zero interest in watching dance shows.

    b) MERCY and TBL are two shows that I’m giving a fair shake to. Will they make my PVR’s season’s pass, probably not. But I am curious if MERCY is really as bad as everybody says (Having not seen the pilot, I’m sort of hoping that it has the makings of GREY’S ANATOMY before the cast turned crazy)

    c) GARY UNMARRIED is very underrated. And while not quite ‘Comedy Night Done Right’, funny enough to be added to my stockpile of Saturday morning show. Think of it as my adult version of Saturday Morning Cartoons.

  • Josh Emerson

    Old Christine, Modern Family, and Cougar Town are my watches. I’ll probably throw The Middle in there at 8:30 when it starts next week.

    I’m gonna DVR Glee. I am also somewhat interested in Mercy so I’ll DVR that.

  • Linda B.

    Tuesday and Wednesdays are nothing nights for me. I still have to catch up on Castle from Monday night and Bored to Death from Sunday. I also have 3 Eurekas to watch and 11 Warehouse 13s.

    Also was Community any good last week? Recorded it but haven’t watched it yet.

  • Ace

    Linda B — Community has potential, but I was pretty disappointed in the pilot. I would go ahead and watch it though b/c I’m hoping it will find its footing.

    SYTYCD is definitely not for everyone. On paper it actually sounds like just the sort of show I would hate, but man alive are those kids talented. And Kat Deely is by far the best reality host.

  • Linda B.

    Watched Community and Bored to Death last night. BTD describes how I felt watching Community. Think I’ll pass on it in the future.

    I really see some potential in Bored to Death though. I laughed several times during it. Ted Dansen’s character is very funny.