From Ty Burrell’s self-proclaimed ‘hip’ dad, MARRIED… WITH CHILDREN’s Ed O’Neil playing a crotchety grandpa (albeit one who’s married to a much younger and hotter woman) and Mitchell and Cameron, who as EW’s Ken Tucker so correctly pointed our are the odd couple for our generation, is it safe to assume that MODERN FAMILY lived up to it’s billing as the funniest new show of the fall?

Question: Which show made better use of yours (okay, our) iTunes collection? Cameron’s over-the-top presentation of adoptive baby Lily to his ‘Modern Family’ with a little help from The Lion King’s “Circle of Life” or Kurt’s GLEE-ful game-winning field goal to the tune of Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies?’

And speaking of ‘Sophie’s Choice,’ can Congress not put aside the whole pesky health-care thing and get their act together crafting a bill that really matters. You know, like the one that we’d like to propose, banning networks (Yes, we’re talking to you ABC and FOX) from putting their two strongest offerings (MODERN FAMILY and GLEE) on the same night at the exact time. I mean seriously, WTF?! (Which we learned yesterday thanks to our new favorite clueless hipster dad Phil (MODERN FAMILY’s Ty Burrell) means, “Why the Face?!”)

Having not had the chance to check in with MERCY yet, now’s your chance to be the critic. Was it as the promos would have us believe, GREY’S ANATOMY with nurses. Or should it mercifully be put down, having arrived D.O.A?

And finally, have you pieced together which fictional small Connecticut town EASTWICK takes place in? (Hint: The town square’s magical water-fountain is your first clue.)

  • Ace

    Glee was awesome last night. That show just makes me so happy.

    I watched Mercy b/c I don’t really dig the audition episodes of SYTYCD that much. It was just okay. In the premiere we mostly spent time with one nurse. She may have more drama than Meredith: just got back from Iraq, both parents are drunks, husband cheated on her/she cheated on him while away, guy she cheated on husband with is now a doctor at the hospital… If you don’t like medical dramas, you won’t like this show.

    I haven’t watched Modern Family or Eastwick yet, but I do know that Eastwick was filmed in Stars Hallow (Gilmore Girls) and that’s one of the main reasons I’m checking it out!

  • Nick

    Just make a Mercy killing, so Georgina can be permanent on Gossip Girl.

  • bws

    I think last night’s Glee was the make or break episode for the series. After last night, you’re either in… or you are out. Ahem. Can you handle football players singing and dancing to “Single Ladies” in what was an obvious false start, ie game over? So I think they pushed some people away last night and strengthened their core. My wife was head over heels in love with it. It gives me a bit of a toothache but I’ll still watch it because it does make me smile.

    Modern Family was excellent even though I had seen most of scenes already. Fun, fast, and witty. The recipe for great comedy nowadays. And no laugh track! DUH!

    I also watching SYTYCD while making dinner and then Top Chef which is agonizing right now because everyone know who the top 4 will be. They should kick the other 4 or 5 off next week.

  • I’m a little worried about Glee. The pilot episode was brilliant, the 2nd episode pretty good, the 3rd episode was hit & miss, but last night’s episode was nearly horrible. In only four episodes, how many time have Glee Club members quit & come back again? Maybe things will pick back up again next week. From the previews, it looks like they’ll be singing a Queen song, not one of the better ones, but a Queen song nonetheless.

    I didn’t watch Mercy, but one of my Facebook friends who’s a real-life nurse actually got ticked off by it.

  • Jae

    I watched Mercy last night and I thought it was very good, I am an older audience and I enjoy watching what I might have been like if it hadn’t been for teh time I grew up, in the 50’s when you didn’t do the things weman do today with out being called bad names, but I must say, I would love to be 21, single and have a good paying job, so I could go and do and be everything I would like to have been!! Horay for the show

  • Josh Emerson

    The big surprise for me last night was just how good Cougar Town is. I had planned on watching it, but I didn’t have the high hopes for it that I had for Modern Family. But it was hilarious! I hope the ratings for these shows hold up because they are brilliant.

    Glee was a bit over-the-top for me last night with the football players dancing on the field. It was pretty much ridiculous. I still enjoy the show, and I loved the heartwarming moment with Kurt and his dad, but sometimes it really goes too far into the insane territory.

    Oh, and Jane Lynch needs an Emmy next year. She is the best thing on Glee.

  • Jane Lynch, the actress, may deserve an Emmy, but her character should be toned down a little bit. She radiates evilness a little too blatantly. She was given some of the best lines in the pilot episode though.

  • BJ

    I was saying the same thing last night to my girlfriend about the amount of times the Glee club members and even it’s leader all quit and come back and only 4 episodes in. It’s really annoying.

    I love the show overall though for how colorful and ridiculous it is. We need more unique and crazy things like it on tv.

    Is it just me or does it seem like A LOT more people are watching Glee than the ratings tell us? Almost everyone I know loves the show but 6 million viewers seem low.

  • Amy

    Haven’t had the chance to watch Modern Family yet but its on my DVR
    Have zero interest in Glee.
    Cougar Town was awesome. I’ve missed Courtney Cox.
    Eastwick was quite good too. Hope more people start watching it so that it doesn’t get canceled

  • Ryan Walker

    I watched Mercy last week and loved it! I love Friday Night Lights and Mercy has the same writer, Liz Heldens. I’m so excited for tonight’s episode. Check it out at 8 pm on NBC!