Eliza Dushku Talks DOLLHOUSE Season 2

“It’s like DEXTER Freaky.”

Is how actress Eliza Dushku describes an upcoming episode of DOLLHOUSE that revolves around how Dichen Lachman’s Sierra found herself employed by the mysterious Rossum Corporation.

“The episode just blew my mind,” revealed a visibly excited Dushku during a recent one-on-one with the TV Addict. “Dichen’s introduction to the Dollhouse is so dark and layered.”

Two words which coincidentally also sum up the second season of DOLLHOUSE, which returns tonight on FOX at 9PM (Global TV in Canada) after a rocky first season that culminated in a phenomenal string of episode, including the unaired “Epitaph One” (only available on DVD and iTunes)

Just don’t ask Eliza Dushku what’s going to happen next.

“People think I’m playing coy, but I really don’t know what’s going to happen, and I sort of prefer it that way.” explained the actress. “I don’t drill Joss [Whedon] because it’s fun to be just as surprised as everybody else is.”

What Dushku does know is that her character Echo, which found itself the target of a fair bit of criticism last season after being somewhat of a literal blank slate, will be a lot more interesting this year, and fast.

“Echo is no longer a unaware of her surroundings,” says Dushku. “She’s remembering, becoming aware of all these things going on around her. In the first episode alone you begin to see her (alongside handler Paul Ballard) start to work together in order to bring down the Dollhouse. Obviously it’s not a simple task, especially when you begin to realize just how big the Rossum Corporation is.”

Those unfamiliar with the series — which if last year’s ratings are any indication are about 98% of you — should probably know that the Rossum Corporation is not just your every-day Enron (Read: Big evil corporation). It’s one of those only-in-Hollywood big evil corporations whose insatiable quest for money and power found them designing the drug that makes the Dollhouse possible, and, as we saw in “Epitaph One” might invariably lead to the fall of all humankind.

Unless of course Echo can do something about it.

A task which will be made all the more difficult since she will have her hands full in tonight’s season premiere helping Paul Ballard (Tamoh Penikett) bring down a British baddie played by none other than BATTLESTAR GALACTICA alum Jamie Bamber.

Who we should probably mention isn’t the only fan favorite popping by the DOLLHOUSE. Tonight’s premiere includes Alexis Denisof of ANGEL fame playing a politician intent on bringing down the Rossum Corporation. With upcoming episodes featuring BATTLESTAR GALACTICA alum Michael Hogan and Whedon muse Summer Glau, who coincidentally enough began shooting her arc the day after Eliza Dushku sat down to talk with us.

“I’m going to get to work with Summer this week,” teased the actress. “She might be from the DC Dollhouse, she might be some sort of Topher-esque character and she might be really crazy and bad ass. Might be.”

Yeah, we might have to see this.

DOLLHOUSE airs Fridays on FOX at 9PM (Global TV in Canada)

  • Krizia

    Loved it!

  • The episode was so good, it was a long agonizing wait! 😉

  • Krishen

    Loved tonight’s ep, can’t wait for next week’s!

  • Oh I sooooo can’t wait to see Summer as a crazy DH programmer! 😉

  • XFEver

    Looking forward to seeing Michael Hogan, Alexis Desinof, and Ray Wise, three great performers.

    Conversely, god I hope Glau’s not in it much. She stinks so much I have to hold my nose while watching her.