Holy Moly! Reporter Asks David Boreanaz About ANGEL…

… and lives to tell about it.

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  • So glad he’s grown up finally. I don’t see him doing any fan conventions anytime soon, but it’s nice he didn’t rip the reporter’s head off for a change.

  • Nick

    Yes, it’s nice to see David finally acknowledge the show that—you know—gave him his freakin’ CAREER. Sheesh. Thanks for the mumble, dude. Buffy and Angel stand as two of the best and most beloved TV series ever, so I’d think the stars would want to hold on to that prestige.

    Can you even imagine the buzz (and income), if Joss were to pen a big-screen feature, reuniting the shows?

  • I must be out of the loop. How does Boreanaz usually respond to questions about Angel? Does he not like the way it ended, or does he feel like everyone should focus on his current show never asking about the past, or something else?

  • Deb

    Todd, he usually wants to focus on what’s happening now in his career. That’s just the kind of guy he is. He doesn’t like to look back or dwell on it. A lot of fans take that to mean he doesn’t appreciate what BtVS and AtS did for his career. They still want to talk about Angel, Angel, Angel but he has moved on and they tend to get angry at him for not satisfying “their” wants and needs. I think fans should follow DB’s example and move on as well and let him live his life.

  • Tim

    No offense Deb, but that is pure BS. You act like he can’t live his life because of constant badgering. I would bet half of Bones viewers only tuned in to see “Angel” on his new show. Angel made his career and if he can’t answer a few Q’s without acting like a jerk, then I can skip any of his future projects.

  • KaeDee

    I agree, Deb: Every time I saw David B. in real life (Paley Festival, Comic Con), he was very gracious about answering Angel questions for fans. When he didn’t want to answer them was at press conferences for Bones. Early on he was reticent about answering Angel questions when promoting Bones, and that gave him a reputation for being ungrateful to his roots. Its not true that he would never answer Angel questions, because I’ve seen video interviews where he has – but unfortunately, he can’t escape those that early reputation. Whether he was right to not entertain questions on Angel while promoting Bones, I don’t know. It was his call, for whatever reason. The media just can’t seem to let it go. *shrugs*

    And Tim: I doubt half the viewers of Bones are Angel fans. That might have been true at the outset, but I think the die-hard genre fans have moved on and the show has gotten its own fanbase of procedural fans.

  • G.

    For people like me, who like Bones but don’t have a clue what Angel is, this is kinda weird to hear journalists ask him this question all over again. I’m glad he has this attitude, otherwise his interviews wouldn’t be about Bones anymore.

  • Theresa in the Outer Banks

    He has a wonderful gift and I am glad he is the way he is. Of course he has to be proud of his past Angel and BtVS roles b/c I believe his fan base did build from there. But, as mentioned above and I agree, he lives in the “now” and always moving forwards. I can understand why to some viewers he may reply “stinky” when someone asks about a past show while promoting a new one…that is a no brainer people. He seems to be one of the “normal guys” who made it in Hollywood. I do hope the media can keep up with David Boreanaz because he is on fire. I really love the total package about DB…the way he acts in any role he plays on film, in real life as a husband and father, his charities, and the way he answers the reporters or the interviewers. I think he answers appropriately.

  • George

    People keep asking him about Angel because Angel was one of the best shows on television. When he moves on from Bones, reporters will probably be asking him about that too.

  • Deb

    No offense, Tim, but I’m sure DB can do without a fan who thinks he’s a jerk for not wanting to talk about Angel when he’s promoting Bones.