Post Your Favorite TV Quotes of the Week

It’s Friday and if you’re a frequent visitor to — you know what that means! Time to post your FAVORITE TV QUOTES OF THE WEEK! New to No idea what I’m talking about? Simply post your favorite quotes of the week in the comments below and check back Sunday to see the winners. Odds are they’ll look something like this.

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  • Andy

    “Lily — Isn’t that gonna be hard for her to say?” -Phil on “Modern Family”

  • Remy

    Was last weeks posted?

    Instant favorite: “In the world of emoticons, I was colon capital D.” – Sheldon

    There’s more from this episode, I know it. But that one was epic. Don’t be surprised if I come back later with more.

  • Remy,
    Apologies in advance as between last week’s emmys and my trip to LA the previous week I’ve definitely dropped the ball on this weekly tradition. Which is why I make this vow, Sunday you will see the winning quotes online. I promise!

  • Julio

    “You left this at the bar, bitch!”

    Busy Phillips as Laurie on “Cougartown,” drunkenly dropping off the young guy Jules was talking to at the bar before she left.

    Modern Family had a lot of good moments and quotes too,

  • Andrew

    “I did an ocular scan on the guy and assessed that he wasn’t a threat.” – Mac

  • Remy

    haha Completely understandable! No apologies necessary – I was just sad cause I thought I’d missed something! lol

    “‘Ring On It’ on three!” – Finn (Glee)

    “Because when he wasn’t happy, we wanted to kill him. There was even a plan. We were going to throw his Kindle outside, and when he went to get it, lock the door and let him freeze to death!” – Leonard
    “That seems like a bit of an overreaction!” – Sheldon
    “No, the overreaction was the plan to tie your limbs to four different sled dog teams and yell: MUSH!!” – Leonard (Big Band Theory)

    “You should have hit that! You already had your pants off, and you had a classroom full of people to cheer you on. And you can’t knock her up because it’s a dream. Class dismissed!” – Barney (HIMYM)

    “T-Dawg!…Do not call me T-Dawg!” – Ted (HIMYM)

    This week was a great week for quotes…

  • Charlotte

    ”Eat it twilight” dean in supernatural
    ‘ ‘You were wasted by a teenage mutant ninja angel?” again dean in supernatural

  • Ace

    “You want me to put on some music? Whenever they do this sort of thing on CSI, they always do it to music in poorly lit rooms. Kinda reminds me of porn.” ~Castle while watching the medical examiner pull finger prints off a glove

    “Yes we cane!” ~Sue “Glee”

    “We’re all mutants. What’s more remarkable is how many of us appear to be normal.” ~Walter “Fringe”

  • BJ

    Glee time!

    “My body is like a rum chocolate souffle. If I don’t warm it up right, it doesn’t rise.”-Kurt to Finn

    “I had sex with you because you got me drunk on wine coolers and I felt fat that day.” Quinn to Puck

    “I had sex with your mom. I cleaned her pool and then I had sex with her. Nice Star Wars sheets.” Puck to Jock

  • Silly

    Barney: The rules for girls are the same rules as for gramlins – HIMYM

    Brook: We could start speaking spanish, maybe that could confuse her
    Milly: I dont think that will work
    Brook: It might, that girl is really dumb …. Buenas dias, tendria muchas cervezas -OTH

    Dean: Eat it Twilight

    Dean: Last time you zipped me to some place I didnt poop for a week – we drive.

    Dean: We´re humans and when humans want something really really bad we lie.
    Castiel: Why?
    Dean: Thats hoe you become president – Supernatural

    Peter: It appears Hughes might have killed his wife and son 17 years ago.
    Walter: Finally some good news. – Fringe

  • Jaymes M

    Michael to Oscar: “Should I have a safe word?” (The Office)

  • Alicia

    “I eat stickers all the time Dude” -Charlie, Always Sunny

  • Barry Thorn

    “We’re all victims of our own gene pools. Someone must have peed in yours.” Walter Bishop, Fringe

  • SaneN85

    “That’s the SouljaBoyTellEm” Tom on Parks & Recs
    “My knowledge will bite her face off” Señor Chang on Community
    The entire spanish rap on Community
    There’s so much more I’m not remembering right now.

  • Ryan Walker

    “Why didn’t you just put it on the internet?” – Zack
    “Cause I’m crazy old!” – Billie

    ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE, the new CBS show on Monday night! Sooo funny!!!

  • Liz

    From Community:

    Pierce (toasting): “To the empowerage of words.”
    Jeff: “To the irony of that sentence.”

  • Izzie: “Just shut the hell up! I’m not contagious, Cristina!”
    Cristina: “I know that! I would totally have sex with you.”
    Grey’s Anatomy

    Lexie: “Are you really gay? Like, how gay are you? On a scale of one to… gay. Cause that’s my boyfriend in the shower. My hot, hot naked boyfriend and I… How gay are you?”
    Grey’s Anatomy

    Cappie: “See? You need to find a high concentration professor to hit on! Sure you might get slapped by 99 of them, but you just need that 100th professor to sleep with you! You know, metaphorically!”

    Rebeca: “That’s the problem with our relationship! We never do anything fun!”
    Calvin: “That’s why I don’t date girls!”

    Brooke: “I can’t believe your dad! Just came all this way to tell you he thinks you’re making a mistake! He couldn’t call, or text, or tweet that to you?”
    One Tree Hill

    Dean: “Two things that I know for certain. One: Burt and Ernie are gay. And two: You are not gonna die a virgin under my watch.”

    Rafael: “Castiel, I’m warning you! You’re not to leave me here! I will find you!”
    Castiel: “Maybe one day. But today, you’re my little bitch!”

    Annie: “I’m a good person, she’s a lying sociopath. Just wanted to set the record straight.”

    Silver: “I don’t hate you. I mean, sending that text was nasty, the way you treat Annie is psycho and watching me defend you when you knew you were lying really sucks!”
    Naomi: “Wait! This is your way of telling me that you don’t hate me?”

  • I’m suggesting you do an all MODERN FAMILY because there’s a million quotes from that show but my favorite was: “May I take your multicolored jacket and bejeweled cap?” – Mitchell

  • Laura

    Barney: Come on, that’s my thing! I’m always punching guys. Girls. I’ll punch a baby, I don’t care.

  • Callie

    Dean: Just out of curiosity, what is the average customer wait time to speak to an archangel? — Supernatural

  • Paty

    So I’m curious…what quotes made it this week?? I see a lot of amazing ones this week.