Today’s TV Addict Top 5: SMALLVILLE Season 9

clark kent smallville season nine

SMALLVILLE returns tonight at 8PM on the CW:
Which we only feel the need to remind you thanks to the CW’s super-lacklustre (nonexistent?) marketing campaign for any show that isn’t a reboot of an Aaron Spelling classic or involves vampires. Oh, and no, we’re not just bitter that the network completely ignored our free and sound advertising advice. Okay fine, maybe a little.

It’s a bird.. it’s a plane… it’s not under any circumstances…
… for legal reason super-you-know-who. But that aside, in ever other sense of the word, the ninth season of SMALLVILLE truly marks the ascension of Clark to superhero status. Faster than a speeding bullet, and decked out in a black trench coat that may-or-may-not have been ‘borrowed’ from the set of TORCHWOOD comes Kal-El. Who when he’s not spending time in the fortress of solitude learning “Superhero’ing For Dummies” from his Kryptonian father Jor-El, is saving innocent Metropolis bystanders and of course Lois (who naturally can’t seem to stay out of trouble) complete with his now iconic “S” as a calling card. (Turns out, engraving ‘Red Blue Blur” not only takes way too long, it causes too much damage!)

SMALLVILLE hasn’t forgotten about Chloe:
Which is kind of awkward because Clark certainly seems to. Luckily for Chloe (and fans of Allison Mack), she has Dr. Emil Hamilton (BATTLESTAR GALACTICA’s Alessandro Juliani) and a snazzy new headquarters, a literal Watchtower (also known as the best wedding gift ever, left by dearly deceased Jimmy) to help aid her in discovering where Lois disappeared to… and more importantly, what exactly followed Lois back to Metropolis!

And speaking of Lois:
You will not want to miss tonight’s final scene, where Lois has her very own flash forward of sorts, offering up a tantalizing tease of things to come. Including: A shirtless super make-out session, a shocking possible death and somebody you would not expect to be kneeling before Zod.

Kneel Before Zod:
Yes, Zod has arrived. Just don’t ask us why! That said, of this we are sure: (a) He does not arrive alone. And (b) British import Callum Blue is the perfect choice to play the iconic baddie who in the season premiere gives the once and possibly still villainous Tess a run for her money.

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  • This is still on? Really?

    What’s with the lame Matrix-wannabe costume?

  • Carrie

    Sadly, that outfit and Clark being a jerk to Chloe are prime reasons not to watch. Along with not having Sam Witwer to play Zod who was just phenomenal to watch last year.

  • Inky

    Tim G, I think most of us are asking those same questions. lol

  • Jess

    YAY!!! Finally Smallville is back I can’t wait to see this new season. Been anxiously awaiting premiere since kick ass sneak peak at comic-con this summer. All KneelbeforeZod!!!

  • Ryan

    The Adventures of MatrixSuperman & bossbanging BimboLois show. End this crap.

  • Shelly

    Yay! This looks to be the best season yet

    Bitter trolls/Chloe fans are bitter 😛

  • sophie

    Smallville is back, finally!

    I don’t see the outfit as lame. It’s a nice transition between the RBB and Superman. It would have been lame to continuously use the red vest-blue shirt combo, it needed to evolve. The black vest sure does look like Matrix, but I like it, the length of it may be to look like a cape. Also, Clark has been living as a hero for 3 weeks, he won’t come out with a designed suit right away.

    As for Clark being a jerk to Chloe, well he has been one at least once almost with everybody on the show: Chloe, his parents, Lana, Oliver, Lois…Sometimes he had good reasons (which is the case for Chloe) and other times the other person didn’t deserve what Clark put them through, like with his parents at the end of season 2.
    Every character has suffered on this show, but the problem is that when it is related to Clark it’s always Clark’s fault, he should feel guilty for it and Lana and Chloe become the victims. This season it seems like Chloe will step up as Watchtower and do her own thing, which I find great, and in the end she will still be friend with Clark.

  • TVFan


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  • Daniel

    I love it! I am so happy it’s still on and for the last two seasons it’s really come a long way in delievering in every way without taking it right back due to some jazzy amnesia or some reasonable facsimile lol! Keep up the grrreat work, everyone! 😀

  • ewanspotter

    This show needs to be put out to pasture.

    Or just shot. (It would be more merciful.)

  • lilisullivan

    This show should be put to rest.
    After a disappointing season finale, they are delivering an horredous season opener.
    And talking about what’s forshadowed by Lois visions… I won’t wait until Chloe’s shocking death happen on the show. If the writers want to alienate Chloe fans, then they will have to deal with the bad ratings. Until they make some drastic changes, i’m off to watch better shows.

  • Troll

    If you’re going to call me a troll, I’ll act like one. Shelly, you are too dumb to live. You and your stupid Durance worshipers trolled journals, fan art, and messageboards, slandering and silencing every other fan on every other board through sheer bullying. You were so loud and obnoxious that they had the Showrunners mistakenly believing that Clois fans are in the majority, and set up a marketing campaign all summer that reflected it. Clois sex! Chloe manipulates! Ollie is a drunk! Lois is Clark’s link to Humanity!

    As a result, fans turned off in droves and the premier delivered its worst ratings ever. Looks like the majority of the viewers actually *don’t* want to see the Adventures of Clark and his Gay Coat and BossBanger Hois Lame. The sad thing is, the premier clearly set up the emotional weight and depth of the Clark and Chloe relationship, and it’s laughable that Erica Durance’s character is holding him back. It (along with spoilers) set up a clear return of Lois and Oliver reuniting as well, so you won’t even get your dream season. The producers are pulling the biggest bait and switch on you, but they overestimated the Chloe fans’ levels of tolerance. We’ll get what we want eventually, but you Clois fans and terrible writing will have driven us away permanently and it will be too late. Couldn’t happen to a nicer group of people.

  • well said

    smallville got 2.5 for their rating and from what i’ve readed it deserved it.what a mess,did they really think that clois lightswitch crap would pull in the fans because the comics said so,it’s an insult.

  • sarah

    watched all three episodes…loved it! have been watching since the first season and I am happy where things are heading 😀

  • Campbell

    SMALLVILLE Season 9 this is a show that can be enjoyed by anyone.. who loves superman… for all the haters… i wish you all the best looking at “better shows” that have the will power and fan base to stay around for as long as SMALLVILLE (besides C.S.I and Law and Order SVU) for all who love the series.. we will enjoy another 20 or so episodes of fun and action that will en dour for a long long long time! SMALLVILLE Season 9 can’t wait!!!!

  • adam browning

    when is season 9 starting. i realy cant wait been watchin it for 9 years and still love it!!

  • SmallvilleFan

    “It (along with spoilers) set up a clear return of Lois and Oliver reuniting as well, so you won’t even get your dream season.”

    LOL. I hope you watched Episode 6, Nostradamus.

  • WaitingForSuperman

    I just don’t get why people have to continue bitching about a show they apparently hate. It’s true. The internet is for complaining and for porn. But man, do Chloe fans make me dislike the character. Just the comments on this page alone….Let it go and move on instead of spitting vitriol at something you obviously don’t enjoy anymore.

    I’m actually making it a point to watch/dvr on Fridays, even though that day is where tv shows seem to be sent to die. Zod/Tess/Clark getting closer to Superman/Chloe/Lois are all things I enjoy. As someone who watched SV for the first two seasons and quit because of the freak-of-the-week theme, I’m actually loving season 9 so far. Hope they keep it up instead of what happened with the very disappointing season 8 finale.

  • smallville4evr

    LOve the show, keep it coming