TV to Tweet About: The CW Cancels THE BEAUTIFUL LIFE: TBL

the beautiful life

In an effort to avoid the dubious distinction that comes with green-lighting the first cancelled show of the Fall, the CW tried their best to bury the news that production has been officially halted on THE BEAUTIFUL LIFE: TBL late Friday afternoon. But try as they might, the CW couldn’t stop the tweet. Which is why we thought it might be fun to compile our ten favorite TBL related ones, starting off of course with our own shameless twitter plug reaction upon hearing the news.

“Sorry CW, there is no hiding your massive failure on “Take Out the Trash Day.” THE WEST WING taught us well” @theTVaddict

“When the CW didn’t even bother sending out finished review copy of TBL pilot, the writing (or lack of) was already on the cancellation wall.” @roushtvguidemag

“I’m sad that Corbin Bleu took off his clothes for nothing. Colon TBL we hardly knew ya” @duckydoestv

“Bring on Life UneXpected! RT @TheLiveFeed: CW cancels Ashton Kutcher’s Beautiful Life – first cancellation of the fall @stayingin

“This means I can delete that episode of “The Beautiful Life: TBL” from my DVR! @hitfixdaniel

“‘Beautiful’ Disaster: CW tries to bury news of ‘Beautiful Life’ cancelation over Yom Kippur weekend. @TVMoJoe

“So my decision to not bother reviewing TheBeautifulLife paid off. Way to go, me.” @moryan

“it appears life wasnt so beautiful for the cw show – the beautiful life is fall’s first cancellation.” @laceyVRose

“Beautiful Life – They should have just turned the cast into models…wait for it…. who are also vampires. “That’s gold Jerry! Gold!”,” @seat42f

“CW cancels “The Beautiful Life”; will Mischa Barton blame wisdom teeth?” @gailpennington

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  • Caryn

    This all just makes me so mad. They canceled Privileged for shows like this that are canceled! I am still mourning the loss of Everwood to that show Runaway that was canceled after like 2 episodes!

  • Jess

    I say bring on life unexpected to think they passed in body politic for this

  • bws

    Privileged started at around 2.5 million which isn’t that bad for the CW. TBL did about 0.8. Awesome decision.

    Also: Reaper.

  • Anita

    Bad, bad, bad!!! They keep making the wrong choices.
    They should just bring brack Privileged and go ahead with Body Politic. Now, that would be wise. Nuff said.

  • Manju

    It’s like they want to attract less viewers by canceling shows that attract millions and replace them with shows that attract thousands, someone needs a good publicist, they need Katie Cassidy!

  • Ace

    Poor Nick will be heartbroken!

    I too wish they had kept Privileged :(. It just didn’t make any sense to cancel it when it was getting similar ratings to everything else that was on.

  • blueberry

    Celebrate good times, come on!

  • TVFan

    Bring Back Veronica Mars! Just kidding, but is it really too late for Body Politic

  • That is so funny. I didn’t even tune in to it and I kept thinking that it was all weird calling it “The Beautiful Life: TBL”. I wish we had more Privileged.

  • Tim

    Yea, when the screener is only 25 minutes, you have a problem. Writing was the obvious one. Paper think characters. Bad plots. TBL should have been called TBC. To Be Cancelled. LOL

  • db

    Ha! Great post. Just what we all need, Melrose Place twice a week. Why not a SPN rerun.

  • ggny

    i never got why they called it The Beautiful Life: TBL did they really need to put the name twice? CW is just a horrible network

  • Josh Emerson

    I was actually surprised that the show failed. It seemed like the same type of audience that watches trash like ANTM would’ve loved it.

  • ANTM is a reality show about aspiring models with Crazy Tyra and a Mr. and Ms. Jay (who are both men). People watch that show for the crazy.

    TBL:TBL was supposed to be like the millions of other dramatic model shows that have launched and failed. People do not care about actors pretending to be models.

  • ggny

    @josh emerson

    it failed because it was up against Glee which took all of CW key demo

  • ggny

    Forgot to add it was also a horrible…CW messed up big time with this and the horrible ratings MP is getting i think it time to overhaul everyone that runs the channel

  • Oh well, better luck next time CW, this is why I don’t put too much stock in series premieres anymore. They are just not worth it because networks don’t give them a chance to be successfull.

    BTW: Melrose Place will be cancelled next, it doesn’t matter that Heather Locklear is coming back to the show or not, followed by 90210 and what’s left of One Tree Hill. OTH, what a good show until this season.

  • Monti

    They put Corbin Bleu ahead of Jason Dohring. So glad it got canceled, they deserve the karma after that bad decision.