We Profile DEXTER’s Newest Serial Killer: John Lithgow

john lithgow season 4 dexter trinity killer

Dexter Morgan isn’t just America’s favorite serial killer, he is America’s most proficient one.

Which probably explains why, when DEXTER returns tonight for the start of its highly anticipated fourth season (9PM on Showtime, 10PM on TMN in Canada), so too will an entirely new nemesis. (RIP: The Ice Truck Killer, Miguel Prado)

Meet Arthur Mitchell, or as the press has already dubbed him: the Trinity Killer.

And just who did executive producers Clyde Phillips and Sara Colleton lure to play said killer? None-other than two-time 3rd ROCK FROM THE SUN Emmy-winner John Lithgow.

No really.

“People have almost forgotten Raising Cain, Cliffhanger, Ricochet, those types of films were my stock and trade for a while.” joked the actor at the recent DEXTER panel at San Diego Comic Con. “I loved the character of Dick Solomon and am proud of 3rd ROCK but it’s nice to be back.”

Back… err… killing? Yeah, this might take some getting used to. Especially with Lithgow’s Arthur Mitchell already being billed as Dexter’s most-worthy adversary to-date. And as the name suggests, his character not only has a penchant for killing in threes, but has managed to do so in secret over the course of the past thirty years.

Secret-keeping which should serve the actor well, considering the show’s producers have entrusted him with one helluva doozy.

“I’m the only one on set who knows what’s going to happen in the next 12 episodes. It’s a fantastic feeling. I could actually speak two sentences right now that would make your head explode,” teased Lithgow. “I act in order to surprise people and boy will I. My character has some fantastic surprises up his sleeve.”

Luckily for this intrepid reporter, one thing Lithgow is only too happy to talk about at a recent Showtime/CBS/CW party is his adoration for his 3rd ROCK FROM THE SUN co-star Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Who fresh off this summer’s indie darling 500 Days of Summer has managed to become one of Hollywood’s most sought after young actors.

“Oh he is such a wonderful rare young man and he always was,” explained Lithgow. “As a kid, he carried the burden of a sort of adult life, but as an adult he still has all the joys of being a kid. His success is so wonderful to watch and I’m just so happy for him.”

Happy enough to spill a secret or two about the upcoming season of DEXTER? Like if there is any possibility his Trinity Killer might manage to do the unthinkable: Survive to see next season’s premiere?

“Well I’m doing the best I can,” promised the actor. “I would love to work on DEXTER forever, but I am a serial killer and you know they keep to themselves and they don’t last long.”

Catch the new season of DEXTER starting Sunday September 27 at 9PM on Showtime (10PM TMN in Canada)

  • Michael T

    WOW! What a creep he plays .Very good job for the nice/funny guy he normally plays ! For what little we saw of him it was a very brief shot of him. Hot water touchier or fetish ?

  • snickers

    I for one haven’t forgotten all those great roles he’s played over the years. John is a wonderful actor and it’s nice to see him in a part that exercises his considerable talents.