Watch, PVR, Pass: Sunday September 27, 2009


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  • bws

    Tonight, I’ll be watchin EMHE (which is 7-9pm ET tonight. I mostly just watch the “move that bus” phase), TAR, and DH. I DVR Family Guy, American Dad, Curb, Dexter, Californication, and Mad Men. I wish that I could watch Dexter tonight but my wife doesn’t share my same love of good serial killers that I do apparently.

  • Josh Emerson

    Watch: The Simpsons, Family Guy, Brothers & Sisters
    DVR: Nothing
    Download: Dexter

    I hope B&S is good. I quit watching last season but have heard good things about the upcoming one.

  • Manju

    Almost the same, I would skip B&S, because it’s mainly just BS these days.

  • ggny

    Is it worth catching up on B&S? I stopped watching last season because i didnt like that they where bringing in another kid to the family i just thought it was stupid

  • Manju

    Same here, I quit because they changed Rebecca’s family ties just so she could be with Justin (I wasn’t feelin’ it), and they added another kid, I checked the season finale and it wasn’t much either, the show kinda fell apart..

  • Ace

    I’m still watching B&S but I can’t recommend that anyone catch up. Pretty much every character has started annoying me. I’m giving it a few episodes this season to pull me back in.

  • Linda B.

    Watching – Dexter and Californication

    DVRing – Desperate Housewives and Bored to Death

  • Liz

    TAR all the way. Don’t get most of the other channels anyway,