Soap Scoop: Jackson’s Gettin’ Lucky Again

In a backstage twist more shocking than anything playing out on screen these days, the folks over at confirmed this morning that GENERAL HOSPITAL has fired Greg Vaughan and rehired Jonathan Jackson in the iconic role of Lucky Spencer. Fans of the soap will remember that for years, Lucky and Liz were one of that soap’s most beloved pairs. But when Jackson left, the role was recast (first with Jacob Young, currently ALL MY CHILDREN’s cancer-stricken JR) and then Vaughan, who has played the part since 2003. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out on screen seeing as Lucky just got engaged to his beloved Liz… who happens to be schtupping his brother, Nikolas, behind his back. More than a few fans expect Elizabeth’s tasteless tryst to result in her getting pregnant, which would put Lucky in the position of yet again raising another man’s child (she let him believe for ages that he was the father of a child sired by hitman Jason). More importantly, HOSPITAL has become a notoriously dark and vioence-ridden show where good guys are pretty much given nothing to do, which is one of the reasons Lucky has become such a walked-on wuss. Bringing Jackson back into the fold would seem to indicate the writers have something in mind for the guy other than being the town doormat. Only time will tell…

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  • My friend messaged me last night as soon as Greg V. tweeted that he was leaving. Although I love JJ (tear: SCC) I also adore Greg V. and I wish they hadn’t made his Lucky so walked on cause Greg V. is a sweetie and lovely to look at.

  • SaneN85

    Holy crap! JJ is the reason I started watching GH and GV is the reason I kept watching. I’m sad to lose the awesome eye candy that GV was, but am so over the moon about JJ returning.

  • Calila

    Just wanted to say I love that you mentioned this. Most TV blogs forget soaps exsist. Excited about JJ coming back….GV never seemed like Lucky to me.

  • Calila, does not discriminate against any TV genre, with the exception of course of reality TV.

  • Dee

    Although I like Greg Vaughn, I have never really been able to accept him as Lucky. He is just too different. He exudes this rough, unshaven tough guy image while the original Lucky was always more artistic and tender. I am happy to see Jonathan return to the role. I hope they rethink the whole policeman thing.

  • I definitely accepted GV as Lucky (he’s been there 6 years) but JJ was still always Lucky to me. I just feel bad that Liz is so far apart from who she was.

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  • Johnny

    I think JJ needed the work, but I do feel bad for GV. Wait for it…Vanessa Marcil will make her return before you know it. GH needs the ratings…imagine Sonny and Brenda back together.

  • SR

    I’m definitely going to miss Greg V, but am pretty excited to see JJ come back. I just hope he looks older – Greg V brought maturity to the character.