Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Not-So-Burning Questions On Our Minds Today

By: CT

Did GOSSIP GIRL really expect us be buy those studious students?
We totally buy that college students would opt to watch Vanessa’s documentary over attending Blair’s cocktail party. Not. Sorry, but no matter how annoying the hostess, the first rule of college is “free booze is free booze.”

Was there a light shining directly in Wentworth Miller’s eyes for the entire duration of the LAW & ORDER: SVU season premiere?
That’s the only way to explain the fact that he squinted through the entire episode. If PRISON was his BREAKout performance, this one might have shown that he’s a one-hit wonder.
How long can actors really be expected to remain in high school?
THE VAMPIRE DIARES alone features both Paul Wesley (who, as Paul Wasilewski, was playing a teen on GUIDING LIGHT back in 1999) and Kayla Ewell (who was a FREAKS & GEEKS high schooler in 2000). That’s a long time for even the slowest of slow students to be held back!

Does EASTWICK seem determined to bewitch female viewers with a plethora of hunky eye candy?
That’s a rhetorical question, kids. Between Matt Dallas (KYLE XY), Jon Bernthal (THE CLASS), Johann Urb (DIRT), Christian Alexander (GENERAL HOSPITAL) and Paul Gross (DUE SOUTH), EASTWICK easily wins the title “sexiest show on television.”
Has DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES gone to the same well once too often?
The Applewhites. The Mayfairs. Orson Hodge. Dave Williams. And now, the Bolen family with the brooding son, the brutish dad and the literally-scarred mom. Here’s hoping the show doesn’t try to drag the “who attacked Julie”/new family mystery out for the entire season, but if history has taught us anything, it’s that this show hasn’t ever learned from the mistakes of its own past.

  • Margaret

    Paul Gross alone on ‘Eastwick’ does it for me!