Good News: Our good FRIEND Matt LeBlanc is making a comeback on Showtime, teaming up with creators David Crane (FRIENDS, THE CLASS) and Jeffrey Klarik (THE CLASS, MAD ABOUT YOU) on a fresh new send-up of the television business entitled EPISODES, a single-camera comedy series about a British couple whose hit UK show is turned into a dumbed-down American sit-com starring LeBlanc (as himself) Bad News: For Central Perk’s James Michael Tyler (Gunther), who mere days ago revealed to the UK Daily Mail that “FRIENDS: THE MOVIE is on.” [Source]

Good News: Last week’s ratings surprises, MODERN FAMILY and COUGAR TOWN return tonight to ABC with brand new episodes. Bad News: The unstoppable ratings juggernaut (and lead-in) that is DANCING WITH THE STARS does not.

Good News: CBS is spinning off one of their most popular shows. Bad News: Signing a deal with executive producer/showrunner Ed Bernero and executive producer Chris Mundy for a CRIMINAL MINDS spin-off. Not, the bizarro version of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER featuring lesbian Robin, stripper Lilly and Mustachio Marshall that we were kinda hoping for. [Source]