TV Ratings: Tuesday September 29, 2009

Source: MediaWeek, Ratings: in millions
Time Network Show Rating 18-49
8PM CBS NCIS 20.65 4.6/13
NBC The Biggest Loser 8.22 3.1/9
FOX Hell’s Kitchen 6.54 3.1/9
ABC Shark Tank 5.28 1.5/5
CW 90210 2.46 1.2/3
9PM CBS NCIS: Los Angeles 17.42 4.2/11
ABC Dancing with the Stars Results 12.47 2.6/7
NBC The Biggest Loser 9.06 3.6/10
FOX So You Think You Can Dance 5.26 2.4/6
CW Melrose Place 1.53 0.8/2
10PM CBS The Good Wife 13.38 3.2/9
ABC The Forgotten 7.72 2.0/5
NBC The Jay Leno Show 6.63 2.3/6
  • Just Jody

    I was quite happy to see the big increase in the Melrose Place numbers (why is no one watching this show??), but Zap2it still has it at 1.5 mil for last night. What’s up with the discrepancy? Are you getting some info they don’t have on there yet? Thanks!

  • tlcinvt

    I just want to know why anyone would choose to watch Dancing with the (washed up) Stars, over So You Think You Can Dance. It is the better show, hands down.

  • Sorry Just Jody,

    Those MP numbers were my error, turns out MP didn’t do that well. Heather Locklear better get here fast!

  • Ace

    tlc — Could not agree more. I would actually watch Two and a Half Men over DWT”S” and that’s saying a lot. But these are the audition episodes of SYTYCD which can be pretty boring. I managed to watch it in about 15 minutes after FF though all the uselessness.

    CBS was taking no prisioners last night.

  • Nick

    tlcinvt: The bigger question is, why would anyone watch ANY dancing show, period? I liken them to children watching the TeleTubbies: “Look at all the colors, spinning, twirling, goo goo, clap clap, again!”

  • Hil

    The Forgotten did better in the ratings than I would have guessed given the fact it got practically no promotion in comparison to other shows. I might check it out on hulu since I did forget about it.

  • BJ

    So would the CW actually cancel Melrose Place if the ratings got so bad before Heather Locklear or would they give her a chance and see?

  • I don’t get. Is CBS literally paying people to watch their network? Are they using subliminal mind control?

    Granted, I’ve never seen their three Tuesday shows. Maybe they’re great. Maybe I’d like them too. But, I’ve never been motivated to watch NCIS. I’m guessing NCIS: LA is a lot like NCIS but, I don’t know, sunnier. And, The Good Wife sounds topical yet not greatly entertaining.

    I rarely hear pop culture buzz about NCIS or any CBS shows other than HIMYM & Survivor. But, CBS pulls down double-digits on three shows on the same night. Two new shows, one part of the same franchise as the third show — double digits. Other networks would kill for that. I just don’t get it.