Oops GLEE did it again, and by that I mean, continued to cost me money on iTunes by delivering not one, or two, but rather four show-stopping numbers (See: Maybe This Time, Last NameAlone and Somebody to Love) Seriously, last night’s episode was so good that this TV Addict didn’t even blink when our spectacular (or as some have called it, Emmy-worthy performance) as “Audience Member #24” was left on the cutting room floor to make room for some chick named Kristin Chenosomethingorother!

That noise you just heard? This TV Addict breathing a deep sigh of relief over MODERN FAMILY’s phenomenal second outing. That other noise? Me furiously banging my head on my desk as I try to decide which story-line was my favorite. In fact — between Ty Burrell’s Phil teaching his son Luke a valuable (and hilarious) lesson about responsibility by inadvertently transforming himself into the neighbourhood bike thief, Cameron and Mitchell’s attempt to seamlessly blend into their straight-laced ‘Mommy & Me’ play-group, and Jay’s (Ed O’Neill) half-hearted effort to connect with his stepson Manny that had me both laughing (“The only way Manny’s Dad is anything like Superman is that they both landed in this country illegally.”) and tearing up (“Ninety percent of being a dad is just showing up.”) — the only thing I’m sure of is that creators Steve Levitan and Christopher Lloyd best be making room on their shelf for an Emmy (or two!) this time next year.

Just as I was beginning to question my commitment to moving into COUGAR TOWN, along comes Beyonce’s Single Ladies and an unforgettable slideshow of an increasingly inebriated Courteney Cox. Proof that as long as our favorite ex-FRIEND continues to do anything for a laugh, I’ll be there for her.

And finally, here’s our problem with HANK in a nutshell: It’s one thing to continue to play the same variation of a character your entire career, but another thing entirely to subject audiences to a storyline they’ve already rejected. As eleven highly rated season of FRASIER clearly proved, audiences can’t get enough of Kelsey Grammer’s pompous blowhard of a TV alter-ego. Unfortunately, what they can get enough of — as FRASIER’s disappointing sixth season clearly indicated — is a downtrodden and unemployed pompous blowhard. Which naturally begs the question: Just whose bright idea was it to base an entire series around what was Grammer’s least successful story-arc ever? Well, we’re listening.

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  • Bang on observations. I like this TV addict 🙂

  • Just Jody

    I agree, Glee was outstanding this week! KC really can belt out any song they give her. Can’t wait to watch it again. Glee is really hogging the space on my PVR.

    I must admit to liking Cougar Town better than Modern Family. CT has made me howl with laughter, while MF has only brought chuckles. And you could see the ‘jokes’ with the stolen bike coming a mile away. I knew instantly that a) it wasn’t going to be his son’s bike, and b) that the bike would be stolen again when he left it on the sidewalk. But I do agree that Jay and Manny are fantastic no matter what they’re doing.

  • Just Jody,

    Agree with you about seeing the stolen bike coming from a mile away. But as someone who had a penchant for getting bikes stolen until my parents decided to stick me with rollerblades, It was pretty darn funny.

  • Josh Emerson

    Totally agree with you on all of this. Except that I committed to Cougar Town last week. I thought the premiere was hilarious and almost as good as Modern Family.

    I’d also like to mention The Middle. That show is surprisingly good. It’s too bad Hank drags down the line-up, but the good thing is that I can watch Old Christine instead at 8:00.

  • TVFan

    Agreed on all counts, but disappointed you didn’t mention The Middle. It’s so nice to have Patricia Heaton and Neil Flynn back on my TV every week.

  • Cool. I didn’t know you could buy songs from Glee on iTunes. TVA, I see what you mean now.

    I’m not positive I’ll do it yet, but I’m tempted to get Don’t Stop Believing and Somebody to Love.

  • Nick

    The ONLY good thing to arise from TBL’s early cancellation (which I’m still bitter about…harumphh) is: I’m free from 9-10pm for Modern & Cougar, both of which are hilarious. Just when we thought the sitcom was dead, ABC, of all networks, comes out shooting with these two. Courteney has probably never been funnier, but the Modern Family show is just inspired comedy.

  • Remy

    Modern Family was good, but I was happily surprised when Cougar Town pulled more laughs from me. I had just rewatched the pilots since I had a friend over for dinner who hadn’t seen them yet, and she liked Modern Family and was only so-so sold on Cougar Town. The 2nd episodes of both sealed the deal for her. I’m so excited to have Monic–I mean Courtney Cox back on TV in an intentionally funny role (yes, that’s a jab at Dirt).

    And I haven’t stopped listening to Maybe This Time from Glee since Wednesday. I managed to make Somebody to Love move to the top of my Most Played list on iTunes, but I have a feeling Maybe This Time will surpass it in a few short hours. It’s GORGEOUS.

  • I treat myself to one Glee song a week. Otherwise it’d be too much.

    I didn’t laugh as loud at Modern Family this week but I love Ed O’Neill and the more flamboyantly gay dad. When he went of about Meryl Streep in Sophie’s Choice, I lost it.

  • Ace

    It is so cruel that they put Glee and Modern Family on at the same time b/c they are both so hilarious. For those Glee fans. They are also releasing the songs on two CDs later this year. Don’t know if they will have additional material than just buying the songs on iTunes, but I am making myself hold out and find out!