In perhaps the oddest bit of casting news to come down the pike in a long time, Soaps In Depth magazine is reporting that James Franco — yes, that James Franco, of FREAKS & GEEKS and Spider-Man fame — is joining the cast of the daytime soap GENERAL HOSPITAL. No firm details about what role he’ll play, although speculation is he’ll be connected to the uber-bad Cassadine clan. And this isn’t just a star coming on for a one-day appearance, which is pretty common in soaps, who’ve seen guest gigs from such luminaries as Carol Burnett, Elizabeth Taylor, Rihanna and Snoop Dog. Soaps In Depth reports that Franco will be taping several days a week for at least several weeks. For more details, click here.

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  • The continued GH news makes me so happy. I also find it hilarious because my friend Facebook messages me about this every day as well.

    I can’t believe James Franco is going to be on GH. I heard his storyline will relate to Jason.