Watch, PVR, Pass: Thursday October 1, 2009


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  • Rose

    I don’t get it. How do you watch three shows at the same time without DVRing them? Or do you mean that the orange shows are all watched today and the yellow will be watched sometime in the future? (Sorry if you’ve explained this before. I must have missed it.)

    Thursday has become a really annoying TV watching day. I’m also watching all the same shows as you and I seriously have no idea which ones to watch live.

  • Dear Rose,

    Since I get east and west coast feeds, I am capable of watching a show at 8PM (say SNL) and then a show at 11PM (say BONES). That said, the colors are more of an indication of my personal excitement for what’s airing on a given night.

  • Rose

    Oh that’s neat that you get both feeds. I wish I had that. Then I could at least record everything I’d want to see.

  • Linda B.

    My dog Trinity has advanced obedience class tonite, so i will be DVRing the following for this weekend and hopefully rushing home to watch Grey’s Anatomy tonite.

    DVRing – Survivor, SNL, Flash Forward, The Office, Supernatural, Fringe, Private Practice. Will probably get up at 5am to watch PP. No spoilers til then please!

  • Josh Emerson

    It kind of sucks that you in Canada get both US feeds while all we get is the one for our local area. I want west cost feeds! <_<

    Anyway, I’ll be watching FlashForward, The Office, and Community live. I’ll record SNL, Parks & Rec, and Grey’s. SNL has sucked though. I’m anxiously waiting for 30 Rock to come back.

  • TVFan

    Thursday nights are really taking a toll on my TiVo.