Good News, Bad News: DOLLHOUSE, David Letterman & J.J. Abrams

Good News: FOX has released a “Virtual Echo” app that gives users the ability to turn any computer into your very own personal Dollhouse. Bad News: There goes my Friday night! [Download Virtual Echo]

Good News: 48 HOURS Producer Robert Halderman just scored a once-in-a-lifetime exclusive… Bad News: In which he’s the star, having just been arrested for attempting to extort 2 million dollars from David Letterman. [RadarOnline]

Good News: ALIAS creator J.J. ABRAMS has teamed with FELICITY writer Josh Reims to write a one-hour-long spy thriller featuring spies who are also married. Bad News: Audiences probably aren’t ready for our dream scenario that has Jennifer Garner and Keri Russell playing the happily married butt-kicking duo, or are they? [TVMoJoe]

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  • TVFan

    I’m down with Garner and Russell playing a happily married couple. At least then Garner won’t get into a relationship with her co-star that ruins the last year of the series!

  • Lol. Touche TVFan, touche!

  • AliasFan

    They broke up before season 4 and are still friends so it is stupid to say his character leaving for a few episodes in season 5 was anything to do with her.