Post Your Favorite TV Quote of the Week

It’s Friday and if you’re a frequent visitor to — you know what that means! Time to post your FAVORITE TV QUOTES OF THE WEEK! New to No idea what I’m talking about? Simply post your favorite quotes of the week in the comments below and check back Sunday to see the winners. Odds are they’ll look something like this.

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  • Marcus

    “I wonder what the non-pathetic people do tonight.” Raj, The Big Bang Theory

  • grayarea

    “You’re afraid of insects and women. Ladybugs must render you catatonic!” Sheldon on Raj, TBBT

    “Oh, Bambi. I cried so hard when those hunters shot your mommy.” Kurt, Glee

  • Alicia

    “We’re crab people now.” Charlie, Always Sunny

    “I just cracked open a fresh box of wine!” April, Glee

  • Callie

    Chuck: “So you’re really from ’09?”
    2009-Dean: “Yeah, afraid so.”
    Chuck: “Some free advice? When you get back there? You hoard toilet paper. You understand me? Hoard it like it’s made of gold, cause it is.” — Supernatural

  • Ace

    I am seriously behind on my TV watching, but here is my favorite from earlier this week!

    Wilson: You said [cooking] was keeping your mind off the pain.
    House: That was before I found the Biggest Loser marathon on cable. I like to pretend they can see me eating.

  • Elizabeth

    A few great quotes from The Office:

    “Where would Catholicism be without the popes?” – Oscar

    “Mrs. Pam Halpert! That’s the first time I’ve seen it in writing!!” – Pam

  • Alex: “I swear to God, if you don’t go and get her pills right now I’m gonna hurt you and I am gonna like it!”
    Grey’s Anatomy

    Dean to Future Dean: “Oh we were in Jane’s cabin last night and apparently we and Lisa have a connection.”

    Dean to Lucifer: “You’re the same brand of cockroach I’ve been squashing my whole life! An ugly, evil, supernatural piece of crap! The only thing between them and you is the size of your ego!”

  • Marisa

    “I just stole a baby’s intellectual property.” – Mitchell on Modern Family

  • Marisa

    Another one from Modern Family:

    “Excuse me, Meryl Streep could be Batman and be the right choice.” Cameron

  • Linda B.

    Supernatural –

    “This isn’t funny Dean. The voice says I’m almost out of minutes.”
    – Castiel

    Desperate Housewives –

    “Gaby what is your problem? All the girls in my class dress like this.” Gaby’s niece

    “That’s why your school nurse is an obstetrician.” Gaby

  • More Modern Family:

    “You’re so funny. I’m going to share that with my next husband while we’re spending all your money.” — Gloria

  • Sam

    Future Dean: Okay. If you’re me… then tell me something only I would know.
    Dean: Rhonda Hurley. We were, uh… 19. She made us try on her panties. They were pink. And satiny. And you know what? We kind of liked it.
    Future Dean: Touché.

    — Supernatural

  • Paty

    Dean–It’s kind of funny, talking to the messenger of God on a cell phone.
    Cas–This isn’t funny Dean! The voice keeps saying I’m almost out of minutes.

  • showtime

    From Grey’s Anatomy
    Christina: This list is life!
    Owen: Schindler’s List? You’re comparing this to the Holocaust?
    Christina: I’m Jewish. I’m allowed.

  • Victoria

    If i’m not too late:

    Mitchell: No slapping your own butt
    Cameron: But thats how I make my horsey go.

    Modern Family :o)