TV Ratings: Thursday October 1, 2009

Source: MediaWeek, Ratings: in millions
Time Network Show Rating 18-49
8PM CBS Survivor: Samoa 11.73 3.7/13
ABC FlashForward 10.78 3.7/11
FOX Bones 9.00 2.6/8
NBC SNL: Weekend Update Thursday 5.08 1.8/5
CW The Vampire Diaries 3.52 1.7/5
8:30PM NBC Parks and Recreation 4.63 1.9/5
9PM CBS CSI 15.60 4.0/15
ABC Grey’s Anatomy 15.36 6.0/15
NBC The Office 7.28 3.7/10
FOX Fringe 6.21 2.3/6
CW Supernatural 2.57 1.2/3
9:30PM NBC Community 5.84 2.9/7
10PM CBS The Mentalist 15.18 3.7/10
ABC Private Practice 11.50 4.5/13
NBC The Jay Leno Show 4.96 1.6/4
  • TVFan

    Less than 5 Million viewers for The Jay Leno Show, LOVE IT!

  • 211 million viewers for Survivor – talk about your reboots!

  • Thanks Melissa for the heads up!

  • Linda B.

    GA soooo close to toppling CSI. Come on, you can do it!!!

    Supernatural less viewers than Vampire Diaries??? I guess it’s that 9pm competition. I thought VD was terrible and gave up.

  • Linda B.
    I have to say, I really am enjoying VD, far more than I expected. And last night’s final scene. WOW! Loving that there’s more to Mystic Falls than meets the eye.

  • Dave

    Glad to see FF still doing good. Last night’s episode wasn’t all that great but it still had some pretty good moments. Hope it shows some more staying power and sticks around for the long haul. I thought the end of this episode was more suspenseful then last weeks. Can’t wait to see where they take that.

  • Linda B.

    TVa – okay I had to laugh at your quote – “I really am enjoying VD.” Uh, TMI ! 🙂

  • LB

    Damn, Fringe. Fox never should have moved it to the 9pm Thursday time slot! Speaking of which, I don’t understand how (at least) 15 million people still like Grey’s Anatomy…

  • Ace

    LB — Seriously, they need to move Fringe. Such a crappy time to pick for a show that actually has potential.

  • O.S.

    totally deserved ratings for Private Practice, the season premiere was very good. Intense drama, fantastic acting, no silly dialog etc. Tim Daly deserves to get Emmy for this episode alone.