TV Ratings: Friday October 2, 2009

Source: MediaWeek, Ratings: in millions
Time Network Show Rating 18-49
8PM CBS Ghost Whisperer 7.53 1.6/6
NBC Law & Order 6.31 1.1/4
ABC FlashForward (R) 4.05 1.0/4
FOX Brothers 2.42 0.8/3
CW Smallville 2.34 0.9/4
8:30PM FOX ‘Til Death 2.29 0.8/3
9PM CBS Medium 7.47 1.8/6
NBC Dateline 7.30 1.6/6
ABC The Forgotten (R) 4.04 1.0/3
FOX Dollhouse 2.19 0.9/3
CW America’s Next Top Model (R) 1.52 0.6/2
10PM CBS Numb3rs 7.67 1.5/5
ABC 20/20 6.38 1.6/5
NBC The Jay Leno Show 5.67 1.5/5

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  • Dave

    Wow were the fox shows new or repeats? Looks like they will have a few more cancellations on there hands soon if they were new.

  • Ace

    Oh wow, ouch. I guess Fox probably isn’t too happy about their decision to keep Dollhouse.

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  • Jess

    smallville not so hot on friday’s but its #6 on iTunes downloads.

  • luis

    what about friday night Smackdown

  • I still think Fox is doing Dollhouse no justice by making its lead-in ‘Till Death. I see very little cross-over in target audience where last year TSCC aired right before Dollhouse.

    Fox just expects the little scifi guy to start out malnourished and at the end of the line AND to succeed on its own without any helpful nudges, like a good lead-in or better time slot?

  • Also, Smallville is considered a pretty successful show on the CW and it gets a tad bit higher rating than Dollhouse.

    What are chances of moving Dollhouse to the CW?

  • M. D.

    Fox seems to expect their shows to swim on their own…if I recall 24 and House had absolutely NO lead ins

  • David N

    I tend to like Joss shows but didn’t watch Dollhouse season 1 at all fearing that I’d like it and it’d get canceled (like Firefly). Now that it’s going to a second season I’m watching season 1 on Blu-ray. I will also watch season 2 on Blu-ray when it comes out since I haven’t watched season 1 yet I’m not recording season 2, not only that but Blu-ray rocks for video quality! And I don’t have a Nielsen box to have my TV viewing observed. Broadcast, cable and satellite HD quality only looks as good as unconverted standard def DVD. So how do my viewing habits get counted in the ratings?