3 Truths with LIE TO ME’s Mekhi Phifer


After jumping on board LIE TO ME in a special guest star capacity near the end of last season, actor Mekhi Phifer happily accepted a promotion to series regular status for his FBI agent Ben Reynolds because he simply likes to do good work, regardless of medium. “Like ER, the great thing about LIE TO ME is that you get to do an array of things, you get to run the full gamut of emotions playing a very three dimensional character.”

Known for his high octane work on both THE SHIELD and THE UNIT, it should come as little surprise that Phifer sees the addition of showrunner Shawn Ryan as nothing but one big plus. “Shawn’s a great guy and really gets what the audience is trying to see. He’s really has added a certain level of intrigue, suspense, unpredictability and action to the show this season.”

When asked what role fans might be surprised to learn was the one that got away, Phifer admits that, “Years ago, right after I had done Clockers I auditioned for Dead Presidents, and I was right there. Until Larenz Tate auditioned, who they [Directors, the Hughes Brothers] had already worked with on Menace II Society.”

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