Good News: Sci-fi is thriving on Friday nights. Bad News: Make that Syfy, with the network’s launch of STARGATE UNIVERSE attracting 2.3 million viewers, as SyFy was only-to-quick to point out via press release, bested FOX’s DOLLHOUSE by 200,000 viewers. Ouch! [io9]

Good News: Proving that no politician on either side of the aisle is safe, SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE delivered a scathing (and fairly accurate) assessment of President Obama’s progress (or lack-their of) over his first 10 months in office. Bad News: We’re still waiting for Fred Armisen to deliver a convincing Obama impersonation. [ZonTV]

Good News: Thanks to the tweet heard ’round the world, BONES gets some much deserved publicity. Bad News: All it took was a production shutdown due to a rumoured case of swine flu. [TVMoJoe]

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  • Kristen

    Seeing that Obama skit made my week! I thought I was the only one who actually saw the facts instead of being blinded by the hype! Thank you SNL!

  • Yo

    Is this a TV review site or a political blog? Here’s something SNL didn’t point out…one thing Obama’s accomplished in his first 9 months of his term that Bush didn’t….keeping America safe from an attack on our soil.

  • Kristen

    Are you kidding me? If you’re gonna blame a president for 9/11, blame Clinton! Most of the warnings came while he was in office. Maybe if he hadn’t have been so busy trying to defend himself with Monica, he could’ve stopped it!

  • ladeda

    Who cares about SNL. I’m worried about dollhouse that show is the best and deserves a bigger audience.