Best. News. Ever.

According to super-scooper Michael Ausiello (seriously people, how does he do it?) actress Helen Hunt really wasn’t that mad about taking over Maura Tierney’s role in PARENTHOOD. So much so that talks between her representatives and NBC have broken down with the role now being offered to GILMORE GIRLS Lauren Graham.

[OCTOBER 9, 2009 UPDATE] According to Ausiello, “a source inside Graham’s camp confirms that her deal to join Parenthood has just closed! Woo-hoo!”

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  • Ace

    Are you serious?? That would be aaaaamazing. Lorli Gilmore and Nate Fisher together?? Think of the sarcasm! Yes please. I would definitely watch if Lauren was on.

  • Lauren Graham!?! Hmm. That actually makes Parenthood worth a little research.

    It’s about time Lauren Graham got a new show.

    Getting ready to watch today’s Gilmore Girls rerun right now.

  • veedee

    LG will make me watch this show, probably the only reason I will watch this show!

  • I’m still a little bitter towards LG. I loved, loved, loved Gilmore Girls and L&L, but in all her press she always said how she thought Chris & Lor should be together. I think her dislike of Scott Patterson was part of why Lorelai and Luke got all messed up at the end of Season 6, which screwed up the entire first half of Season 7 (although my hatred toward ASP is 100 x more due to her part in that fiasco!). I’m hoping my bitterness will fade soon, because I have such fond memories of early GG. Still I doubt that I’ll watch Parenthood, whether she’s in it or not. She does seem better for the part than Helen Hunt!

  • MIA

    Lauren did not get along with Scott?
    wow, where have I been?

  • Nick

    This would be the smartest casting move NBC has made in quite awhile.

    (And P.S.: Stephanie, chill out, dude. Luke and Lorelai wound up together, and the reported “dislike” stuff was blown wayyyy out of proportion. People wanted them to almost be a couple off-screen; but how many people do YOU work with that you prefer to just remain professional colleagues, nothing more? That’s the situation.)

  • Margaret

    Well Lauren is the best choice to replace Maura Tierney.

  • Haven’t given Parenthood even a smidgen of my time, but if Graham joins the cast I’ll have no option but to be a lifetime viewer.