Today’s TV Addict Top 5: TV Plots That We’re Not Buyin’


When it comes to our favorite fictional serial killer, suspension of disbelief is pretty much par for the course. Which is why we’ve gladly put aside our question as to how on earth Dexter Morgan’s employer, the Miami PD has yet to clue into his extra-curricular activities in lieu of a far bigger mystery: Just how on earth does a blood splatter analyst afford to support a wife and three kids in a spacious suburban alcove, plus an oceanfront condo and a boat on his public servant salary?

In the world of STARGATE UNIVERSE, mankind is capable of harnessing the power of a Stargate to travel millions of miles away, transport themselves to-and-from ships at will, and protect themselves with state of the art weaponry. Yet David Blue’s Eli Wallace is still using an iPhone.

Be it father William or brother Tommy, the Walker family hasn’t exactly had the most stellar track record when it comes to family members working in the family business. Yet Uncle Saul and Holly waited all of three-minutes to hand over the financials and entrust the future of Ojai Foods to very-sketchy illegitimate step-son Ryan.

Giving us yet another reason for us to worry about the American educational system comes GLEE’s Will Shuster, who has yet to clue into the fact that his wife is wearing a fake pregnancy belly.

Only in the world of MELROSE PLACE do men who look like they’ve just stepped out of an Abercrombie and Fitch catalogue have to hire call girls like Stephanie Jacobsen’s Lauren. We’re just sayin’

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  • blueberry

    Stargate Universe is my first stargate experience, but I’m pretty sure that Blue’s character, if he is really using an iPhone, is only doing so because all the new technology like stargates are not readily available or known to the general public.

    (He was shocked when he was beamed into the space station.)

  • Tim

    LOL yea, how does dexter afford that? did he get his daddy’s pension? lol as for melrose, i had that thought last week too. lol where’s the overweight scarey looking older guy? lol

  • I agree with you about Ryan on B&S and Will’s wife on Glee.

    As for Eli on Stargate, I assume you’re talking about the scene when he’s on the phone with his mom. I just re-watched that scene (still saved on TiVo), and it’s hard to tell exactly what device he’s holding in his hand. Even if it is an iPhone, it would *have* to be tapped into the ship’s communication system.

    You can tell from the wavy blue streaks outside the window that the Hammond is in hyperspace. I doubt an iPhone would get reception in Earth’s orbit. Talking to someone on Earth while traveling in hyperspace would definitely require the imaginary super tech of a starship. 😉

  • ewanspotter

    Uh, TV Addict, you do realize that Stargate Universe takes place in 2009, right? Why WOULDN’T Eli have an iPhone? Half the people I know do.

    (And the Stargate program itself is — somehow — still a secret. It started as just a US venture, but now a lot of countries are in on it.)

  • Yeah, have you even watched SG-1? The world outside of the SGC is exactly the same except for the chance Jaffa incursion.

  • DB

    just when I thought Ryan from Brothers & Sisters couldn’t get any creepier, him popping up in episode two pretty much topped all his creepiness from last season.
    on the other hand, i love that the writers of the show pretty much stop making any attempt for the viewers to like that character now.

  • grumpyoldman

    How about that show, “The Middle”, where Janitor pretends to be normal with a normal wife and kids…not buying it.

  • ewanspotter and the1337, I suppose an apology is in order. SGU was my first real Stargate experience, and I guess I incorrectly assumed earth was a little more advanced. Apparently not!

    grumpyoldman, VERY FUNNY!

  • ewanspotter

    Don’t worry. Just as we know the Stargate mythos in detail, we also have to remember that you’re a newb. (You could whip me on Gossip Girl tidbits anyday.) So we’ll cut you some slack when you don’t know, if you’ll cut us some slack for correcting you (when need be, of course).