Channel Surfing: 90210, MELROSE PLACE & THE GOOD WIFE


Thank to yet another stellar outing, this TV Addict is officially ready to crown 90210 the season’s most improved player. But in lieu of a crown — which alas, this little-blog-that-could most definitely can’t afford — we hope the CW and new showrunner Rebecca Rand Kirshner Sinclair will accept something far more valuable: A mea culpa. After-all, when we’re wrong, we’re wrong. Which is why we’re willing to admit that in-spite of stars Annalynne McCord and Trevor Donovan looking like they’re 17 going on 30, we currently find ourselves growing surprisingly attached to them both. Particularly McCord, whose desperate attempt to weasel her way into California University last night by morphing from Naomi Clark into Naomi Klein had us in stitches. Meanwhile, Shenae Grimes’ Annie Mills is not only far less annoying this season, she has us genuinely concerned for her safety. And by that we mean, is it possible for new friend Jasper to give off anymore of a creepy Beaver Cassidy Casablancas Neptune High circa 2006 vibe? (RIP: VERONICA MARS) Call us crazy, but we’re starting to wonder if Jasper’s Uncle may have been dead before Annie drove away from her personal prom nightmare!

And while we’re on the subject of killing, it’s killing this TV Addict that more of you aren’t jumping on the MELROSE PLACE bandwagon. Do you know how embarrassed Ella must feel knowing that a mere 1.6 million of you showed up to her birthday last night. What’s worse, only 900,000 advertiser friendly good-looking 18-49 years old bothered to attend? Which means the millions of you that weren’t nodding off to NCIS: LOS ANGELES missed: A very revealing flashback that had a thoughtful and caring Sydney Andrews take a young and naive Ella Simms under her wing (Or as Syd put it, from Uggs to Manolos!), an increasingly adorable Riley and Jonah and most exciting of all, med student/lady-of-the-night Lauren Yang get in bed (Not literally of course, that desperate storyline has already been reserved for HEROES) with Hollywood Madame Wendi (Played by who else.. NIP/TUCK’s Kelly Carlson). It was a hoot (and kinda hawt), so why not drop by next Tuesday at 9PM on the CW (10PM on GlobalTV in Canada)

And finally, in this world of Lindsays, Britneys and that freaky youngest brother from HOME IMPROVEMENT, it’s nice to know that not all child stars go bad. Which is why it was such a treat to see Spencer Treat Clark (Gladiator, Unbreakable, Mystic River) doing a fine job playing a murder suspect on last night’s GOOD WIFE. Take note young cast members of MODERN FAMILY and THE MIDDLE. Not all roads have to lead to VH1’s CELEBRITY REHAB.

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  • Tim

    I stopped watching 90210 six months in the last season. Hated it. Came back this 2nd season and it’s slowly growing on me again. Much improved from last year.
    As for Melrose, that was by far their best ep yet w/ the new characters and only Sydney. Ella was great last night. From her lines and quips to her dress at her b-day party. Wow!

  • j

    I couldn’t agree more about 90210, it is great this season. Naomi is hilarious and Annie has somehow become one of the most interesting characters.
    Good for Shenae, I knew she was capable of better than last season. The writers have finally realized she is so much better with darker material and they are making Annie similar to Darcy on Degrassi.

  • Josh Emerson

    90210 and Melrose Place? Are you a 15 year old girl? lol

    The only teen show I watch is One Tree Hill. It has jumped the shark a few times, but I’m finding this season interesting. I think the dumping of Chad Michael Murray has really improved it.

  • I have come back to 90210 but can’t bring myself to jump on the Melrose bandwagon. One regenerated 90s show is enough for me. And i wasn’t that big of a fan of Melrose the first time.

  • Ant

    I’ve only watched the first episode of 90210 this year, the rest is on the pvr still to watch. I stuck it out last year, but it was awful…I’m shocked to hear/read that it’s actually good this year…

    As for Melrose, I’M LOVING IT!! It’s the same as the old one. But this time the people are prettier…LOL!!!

  • TVFan

    Agreed about 90210 and MP, although still not liking Ashley Simpson Wentz or the guy who plays Augie. Their storyline is ZZZZZzzzzzzzzz

  • Sean Storm

    MELROSE PLACE is becoming an addictive pleasure, and with Heather Locklear soon to board ship, I am sooooo hoping that the new PLACE will be back for a second season