Question of the Day: HEROES


What’s more distressing: (a) That in a last ditch effort to attract viewers to the sinking-ship we like to call HEROES, NBC emailed this TV Addict a photo of Hayden Panettiere’s Claire making-out with roommate Gretchen (Madeline Zima). Or (b) that said roommate is played by none other than THE NANNY’s youngest daughter Grace Sheffield, thus making us feel really, really old.

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  • kwentin

    you did watch californication, didn’t you? 🙂

  • Frederique

    For me, the “WTF? Madeleine Zima! I am elderly” moment occcurred two seasons ago when she appeared topless in bed with David Duchovny during Californication’s series premiere.

  • Manju

    What?? That was her??? wtf? But don’t feel bad, I’m 19 and even I remember her days on The Nanny.

  • bws

    Yeah, and she punched Duchovny right in the face! Hilarious scene.

  • rose

    lol, that’s what you think of when you see that picture? i can’t believe they’re really going through with this “lesbian stunt” or whatever we should call it. argh. there’s never been a lesbian subplot on a show that i didn’t hate. is there anyone on earth that really wants to see this?

  • Mel

    You have GOT to be kidding me!! That just might be the moment where I actually look away from the train wreck.
    Unless, of course, they bring in Fran Drescher as a new ‘Hero.’ Now let’s see, what will her super power be?

  • Shreyans

    I remember tweeting about this few days…asking for this scene!!

    GOSH its beautiful!

  • Sarah

    What it’s wrong with TPTB on those days? Why every show must have the “lesbo” scene, I mean last year Bones and House, this year Heroes, it’s really so effective on the ratings? Right now it’s so common to see two girls lipslock on tv, I don’t think it’ll a big buzz anymore since every show seems to do it!

  • Sarah

    I LIKE IT! The show is about diffrent people all over the world and this was something they havn’t touched on yet.