The Good, The Bad & The Unusable Sites On Which To Watch Your TV Favorites

Miss last night’s MELROSE PLACE? Want to get your gleek on with the cast of GLEE? Well, now more than ever, it’s simple to fire up your computer, head to a web site and catch up on everything you’ve missed or relive the moments you wish you hadn’t erased from the DVR. But how good are the sites? Special contributor CT take a quick look at some of the most popular outlets on which to play network executive by creating your own personal line-up!

Two words: Hulu rocks (Unless of course you live outside of the United States which is an entirely different story for an entirely different day). From their kick-ass ad campaign to the best selection of current and past television shows — not to mention movies, including documentaries — the folks at Hulu have made themselves the best destination on the web for people lookin’ to kill a few hours. The site allows you to throw shows into a personal que, subscribe to favorite shows and — best of all — stop watching a show and, upon returning, have it pick up right where you left off, even if you don’t get back to it until days later. Plus, where else can you watch anything from 21 JUMP STREET to the animated RETURN TO THE PLANET OF THE APES? Yeah, like I said: Hulu rocks.
Content: A
Functionality: A+

This site, like most of the shows it features, is obviously designed for teens suffering from attention-deficit disorder. Bright colors, pretty things popping up every two seconds. But trying to find what you actually want to watch? Next to impossible. And if you want to watch, say, episodes of SUPERNATURAL from last season as a way to catch up on what’s happening now, forget it. You’ll be lucky to find the past three episodes of any given show on the site. It’s great if you want to miss an episode you missed last week (although don’t count on them having it posted the day after it aired, as is common on other sites), but beyond that, it’s a mess.
Content: C
Functionality: D

Content wise, ABC’s site has most of the basics covered as far as the network’s own programming is considered. (It is, however, odd, that the site features episodes of GENERAL HOSPITAL, but not the network’s two other daytime soaps, ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE.) Unfortunately, like several other sites, most shows only offer the past three or four episodes. Apparently, networks haven’t realized that a new viewer to, say, UGLY BETTY, might like to go back and watch the show from the beginning. is, however, pretty easy to navigate, with less-obtrusive pop-ups than are found on many other sites.
Content: B
Functionality: B

Along with its own line-up, NBC’s site also offers several original shows as well as classic’s like THE A-TEAM, MIAMI VICE and QUANTUM LEAP. Unfortunately, NBC, too, only offers the most recently aired episodes, meaning that if you get sucked back into HEROES yet again after having abandoned it twice (don’t judge me!) you can’t go back and view episodes from the previous seasons. See a recurring problem with the network sites, perhaps?
Content: B+
Functionality: A

We’re deducting major points from CBS for making the odd decision not to include current episodes of several popular shows such as THE BIG BANG THEORY or THE GHOST WHISPERER, and yet featuring half-a-dozen or more episodes of BIG BROTHER. Huh? They do, however, score a few points back for featuring full episodes, clips and even behind the scenes material from their entire daytime line-up, as well as a healthy collection of classics, including the original MELROSE PLACE and TWIN PEAKS.
Content: B
Functionality: B

The FOX site is downright confusing. Not in it’s offerings, which are pretty straight-forward, or in it’s navigation, which isn’t tough. But what makes little sense is why the site only offers the past few episodes of such serialized shows as FRINGE or DOLLHOUSE, but the entire season of HELL’S KITCHEN. While only the first two episodes of DOLLHOUSE’s second season are available on the FOX site, three additional episodes from season 1 are offered on Hulu. I’m just sayin’.
Content: C
Functionality: B+

Hey, we have to include something for the news junkies, right? MSNBC’s home page is almost as cluttered as that of the CW, which makes sense seeing as the network which dubs itself “the place for politics” is schitzophrenic at best. It ain’t easy finding such offerings as COUNTDOWN or THE RACHEL MADDOW SHOW on the site, and the pulldown menus for the shows are ridiculously difficult to navigate. Worse, once you finally get to the current episode of any given show, you can’t simply watch the entire program. Instead, you must click on each individual segment.
Content: C
Functionality: D-

Finding actual episodes of any Fox News offerings on their site proved as difficult as making sense of anything Glenn Beck says. As best we could tell, there are no full-episodes of Beck, O’Reilly or Hannity available on the site (although you can buy their books!). The site itself is overcrowded and disorganized, so if someone figures out that they actually do offer full episodes, please let us know and we’ll re-evaluate our grade.
Content: F
Functionality: D

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  • What are those?

    IsoHunt here 🙂

    …European 🙁

    ( not like I’m not proud of being EU or something 😛 )

  • and Fancast!

  • Ace

    I’m still peeved at CBS for withholding BBT. I couldn’t DVR the first episode b/c House was 2 hours long and I also watch Gossip Girl. Like you said, the CW site sucks (and I think they don’t have GG up), so I figured I would catch BBT on-line. BIG mistake. 🙁

    It is going to hurt my soul to point this out, but if you are a Project Runway junkie… (*shudder*) has a TON of extra videos. I can’t bring myself to watch them though, I already feel dirty for watching an hour of Lifetime a week.

  • Alison

    i loveeee hulu!!!! Seriously I love it haha. I also thought of Abc as the next best thing. But since I’ve discovered hulu I don’t have to go on any other site beside dumb CW, it sucks lol. And CBS sucks because until recently, they barely had any full episodes.

  • ct

    No need to cringe… I’m watching TWO hours of Lifetime a week. That’s right, i watch… can I even admit it? Army Wives.

  • Europe…. snif! snif! no access to any of those! ;(

  • Allison has links for almost any episode of any show you want to watch. For example it has House episodes the next day, which don’t show up on Fox until the next week.

  • Allison

    TVA – I thought you were in Toronto (just from your podcasts etc). How do you manage to get past the Hulu problem??

    I’m from Canada too, and I’ve tried everything from IP shields/blockers to different web browsers, but Hulu always knows I’m trying to fool it. Any advice?

  • Rick

    Watch all this content and more outside the US by buying a VPN Account at a VPN Service Provider.

    I use when i’m traveling abroad to catch all the latest shows on hulu. If anyone else was having the same problem I did outside the US, just buy a cheap vpn for 5$/month like I did and problem solved!

  • Kristen

    I love Fancast! I actually only go to Hulu if Fancast doesn’t have it. The CW player doesn’t work on my computer, which means I have to look for The Vampire Diaries elsewhere. And I could’ve sworn ABC had past seasons up. That’s how I got into Lost. I watched 4 seasons there.

  • @Kristen I used to love fancast, but I’ve found Hulu to be a much easier navigation and I like the Hulu desktop player. However, fancast has CBS shows like The Good Wife where Hulu reroutes you to

    CBS annoys the crap out of me in general because for some reason they refuse to put most of their good content online. Big Bang Theory, Ghost Whisperer, Cold Case. I like these shows. I want to watch them. But CBS makes it impossible to like them sometimes. I don’t think CBS likes Hulu (which i know is owned by disney). I hate being forced to watch from network’s sites which are more cluttered, distracting, and slower than hulu (their ads are also more repetitive than Hulu’s which is saying something).

    A lot of the networks have the 5 trailing episode rule. I, too, find it frustrating. I would love to watch Pushing Daisies, Ugly Betty, Fringe but I can’t find full episodes of the first seasons available online (legally anyway).

  • EKI

    Yo don’t mention at all ComedyCentral nor where, even outside of the US, I can follow ALL southpark Episodes, Daily Shows, Colbert Reports, etc…

  • I used to be a big fan of Hulu, but lately I’ve been having a lot of problems with it. I watched an ep of Bones on Hulu recently, and it paused for 30 seconds every 3 minutes. It was frustrating. I’m wondering if it’s starting to get a lot of traffic, which is causing problems.

  • Alison

    Kudos to CBS and their “Viewing Rooms”… it’s the only way to get around the blocked video content for a slow day work =P

  • Lindlee

    I really like the WB site @ They have some of the old WB shows availabe for watching. It has the entire first season of Pushing Daisies, all episodes of Jack & Bobby, and five episodes each week for Everwood. Each Monday they put up three new episodes for Everwood. So if you go there every week, you can eventually watch all five seasons of Everwood. Which is what I do. I love Monday’s now!

    As for quality, I think it’s pretty good. Every now and then, there’s a problem when they put up a new episode, but it’s usually fixed within a day or two.

  • A.Sap

    @kumquat You can probably find episodes of the Big Bang Theory (and other shows) at They have links for like every show.