Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Useless Characters On Popular Shows


Serena Van der Woodsen, GOSSIP GIRL
For two seasons, she and Dan did the make-up/break-up thing, despite the fact we didn’t really care. Now, she’s hanging with Carter, and while the weak-chinned look of his portrayer, Sebastian Stan, totally worked for his KINGS alter ego (given that the guy was something of a conniving wuss), it’s just kinda silly in the world of Manhattan’s elite.

Vincent Chase, ENTOURAGE
Sign you know your character’s run its course, when you’re upstaged for an entire season by a character named “Turtle.”

Ernie The Giant Chicken, FAMILY GUY
You know the running gag in which Peter gets into excruciatingly long and, in the end, entirely pointless fights with a violence-prone chicken? That needs to stop. And while we’re on the subject of pointless sight gags that were funny the first time, Conway Twitty interludes stopped being funny a long time ago.

Nate Archibald, GOSSIP GIRL
Just how lame is Gossip Guy Chace Crawford? Not even the awesomeness of special guest star Joanna Garcia (PRIVILEGED) could turn this Upper East Sider into something to talk about.

Kimber Henry, NIP/TUCK
If ever there was a character who has run her course, it has to be Kimber. She’s slept with both our lead docs and “their” son Matt, been a Scientologist, a porn star, a meth head… give the gal — and us — a break.

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  • Nick

    Disagree with the Conway Twitty comment. Still makes me laugh.

    Agree with the Serena and Nate comments. Too much emphasis on Chuck and Blair. There ARE other characters on the show, guys. We need some balance and also some actual “compelling” storylines for other people to work with. At this point, it’s little wonder that One Tree Hill is outdrawing GG.

    C’mon, work it out, producers. You’ve got way too much talent to let go to waste.

  • John

    I agree with Conway, but the chicken thing is ALWAYS funny. I would watch an entire episode of just Peter fighting the chicken.

    Also, is there a reason you used character names for everyone except Chace? It’s definitely the character that’s useless, because anyone that pretty deserves to be on TV somewhere.

  • John,

    Interesting observation and thanks for the correction, but proving how useless Chace Crawford is, it never even occurred to me that he has a character name! He’s just this blank face on my screen.

  • bws

    I wonder if Nate is so useless (my #1 btw, said the same thing last night) because he’s just that terrible of an actor. I don’t think we can ignore this. Serena is still important but her story line this year looks to be awful.

    Other useless characters? Well, I’m still watching Heroes… so yeah, Hiro. Totally worthless. And now, this may hurt some feelings… but Echo on Dollhouse. They could drop her and I think the show would have some legs.

  • I’m going to have to agree with all 5 of your choices. May I throw in some honorable mentions, lol.
    1) Susan from Desperate Housewives. I’m over the whole klutzy, idiotic Susan crap. It was somewhat funny in the first season, now’s it’s crazy annoying.
    2) Tyra Banks from American’s Next Top Model. She needs to immediately leave, pack her bags and no longer be in the competition.

  • Ace

    I could not agree more about Chase…Nate stopped being interesting half way through season one. He even made Joanna Garcia boring!

    And I have to admitt that I like Sebastian Stan… Such an incestous cast though. He is dating Leighton Meester. Blake Lively and Penn Bagley are dating AND Ed Westwick/Jessica Szohr.

  • Ace

    bws — SO agree about Echo. I wish it were different, but Eliza really isn’t a very good actress. The show would be better without her.

  • Kelly

    What about Rufus from Gossip Girl? He SUCKS!

  • bws

    Also, this is an excellent idea for a post. And the comment by Kelly just made me laugh somehow. “RUFUS??? HE SUCKS!” Simple. Effective. Brilliant.

    And I don’t watch Grey’s Anatomy anymore but since I’m picking on lead characters today, isn’t Meredith Grey kind of worthless?

  • Thrack

    What about Ted on HIMYM?

  • Ace

    Thrack — I actually thought about Ted. And he isn’t that funny, but his interactions with the others are funny.

  • Definitely agree with Vincent Chase. Did he even do anything all season?

  • John

    You could probably do the 5 Most Useless Characters on Gossip Girl. Wait, make that 10. Rufus, Lily, Vanessa, Olivia, Bree, Nate, Serena, Scott, Dan, Carter.

    Basically, I want to watch a show where Chuck, Blair, Dorota, Jenny and Eric hang out and be awesome together. And I like Georgina enough to be the villain.

  • Brian

    I actually still find Kimber intriguing. She’s appalling, nasty and I can’t wait to see what depths she’ll sink to next.

  • Jess

    about Echo its sad to say but I like dollhouse better when she’s not the main focus. Favorite thing about last weeks episode where the scenes with Madeline. Also totally agree about NATE he’s character is pointless. But, I still like Serena. Now, Vanessa is another story…

  • I will also agree with others about Echo on Dollhouse, though that might be more the case of a character being annoying rather than useless. Her character serves a purpose, she just gets on my nerves.