Deal of the Day: GILMORE GIRLS Complete Series on DVD


Perfectly timed to coincide with the start of the holiday shopping season comes this TV Addict’s Deal of the Day. For 24 hours only, is offering up GILMORE GIRLS Complete Series Collection on DVD for a mere $109.99. That amounts to a whopping 58% off the regular price of $258.82 for one of this TV Addict’s all-time favorite shows.

Simply click here to check it out and get ready to enjoy over 42 discs of coffee-induced witty dialogue and romantic hi-jinx.

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  • That really is a good deal! If I hadn’t just bought the complete series of Ally McBeal, I’d be really tempted. πŸ™‚

  • Raked,

    You just reminded me of another great tip. I was just at Costco yesterday and saw Ally McBeal: The Complete Series on sale for just over $100 (Canadian)

  • Ace

    Ally McBeal is pretty much $99 everywhere this week. And I really really want it, but that last season is so terrible, I think I might just buy the first four seasons as they come out…

    But seriously, if you don’t own all of GG get it. I own a few shows on DVD and I watch that one the most.

  • Ace
  • Ace,
    Sadly the same thing can be said about GG’s last season!

  • Ace

    I can’t really argue there but once Bon Jovi arrived on Ally McBeal it became unwatchable (must like the X-Files once Mulder left). I can still watch the last season of GG; I’m just a little bitter while watching it :-P.

  • You guys seem to be on the same wavelength as me.

    Robert Downey Jr. helped make season 4 of Ally McBeal so good that s5 was a disappointment in comparison. I didn’t realize this when Heroes first came out, but did you know that Hayden “Planetarium” from Heroes played Ally’s unexpected daughter in s5?

    Gilmore Girls s1 – s5 were great, at time superb. I’m TiVo’ing the reruns on ABC Family and enjoying it again. I felt it declined some in s6, and s7 was like watching a slow trainwreck after what happened in the s6 finale. The new showrunner that took over in s7 did the best he could with it, and not every moment was bad. But, overall, the damage was done and was pretty much irreversible.

  • Sadly, even with a great deal like that I can’t afford it. I’d much rather spend my sheckles on the ridiculous amounts of Broadway shows that are now in the Bay Area (Wicked, In the Heights, Rent)

  • cam3150

    Wow, this is a great deal!! If I hadn’t already bought all of the seasons at Amazon last Christmas when they had then for $14.99 each I would totally buy this. I have watched and loved a countless number of TV shows over the years and I only own 3 series on DVD — Lost, The Office and Gilmore Girls. Of those 3, GG is the only series that I own all seasons of. I could watch GG episodes over and over and over and absolutely never get tired of them (I stop anytime I see them on ABC Family or SoapNet). Gilmore Girls is one of THE BEST shows ever to air (aside from the unfortunate last season — it’s truly sad that such a great show had to end like that). If you’ve never seen it, now is your chance!

    About Ally McBeal, so excited to see that is finally out on DVD. I wish those episodes would air in syndication somewhere. The Robert Downey, Jr. episodes were, by far, some of my favorites of the series. He and Calista had fabulous chemistry and were one of my favorite TV couples. I HATE that his personal issues brought short his story on the show and that we’ll never know what could have been.

  • Shanna,

    Even though you probably already know this, both WICKED and IN THE HEIGHTS are definitely worth the price of admission πŸ™‚

  • Just Jody

    If it weren’t for the fact that the packaging is such a stupid size, I’d be all over this – Gilmore Girls is easily one of my most re-watched series. But if the box doesn’t fit on the DVD shelf, then it kind of defeats the purpose of upgrading from the season sets. Too bad because I actually wore out one of my season 1 discs and would love to upgrade.

  • Emily N.

    Wow, that’s a great deal! I already own all the Gilmore Girl seasons on DVD though. I have rewatched them many times. If you don’t already have these DVDs, Buy Them Today!

  • That is definitely a great deal but I agree with the comment about the box size – there will be quite a few who won’t go for that in my opinion. But what do I know?