John Cho Reveals Absolutely Nothing About His Character’s FLASHFORWARD!


Actor John Cho is a man of few words. Particularly when it comes to talking about what his FLASHFORWARD character Demetri Noh may-or-may-not have seen during a two-minute, 17-second global blackout.

Oh, sure he has theories, “Very strong ones,” promises the actor. He’s just not about to share them with certain inquisitive members of the media. Something that frankly, we’re okay with. After-all, half the fun of the new hit ABC series is guessing what showrunners David Goyer (THE DARK KNIGHT) and Brannon Braga (24) have up their sleeve next. Which, coincidentally enough is exactly what attracted Cho to a gruelling regular series gig fresh off his most high-profile role to date as Lt. Hikaru Sulu in J.J. Abrams successful STAR TREK re-boot.

“I read the pilot and really was hooked by page five, FLASHFORWARD was such a special piece of writing,” explained Cho. “David Goyer was a person I had wanted to work with for a long time, and after meeting with producers David and Brannon, I just felt very secure in the hands of these storytellers.”

Far less secure, is his characters future.

“I don’t know what happens next, none of us do,” swears Cho. “In fact, David [Goyer] has actually taken it one step further and my understanding is that he actually gives out misinformation to the actors.”

Lucky for fans, what Cho will confirm is that they’re not messing around.

“What’s been impressive for me, having shot nine episodes is not just how much is being revealed but how much the writers are advancing the storyline,” promises Cho. “Answers are not something we’re going to keep from fans.”

Well, except for the deal with that Kangaroo that showed up in the pilot.

Chuckles the actor, “I know you will see the kangaroo again. But no, I do not know why there was a kangaroo!”

  • Nick

    Love John Cho, and have ever since the late, great WB comedy “Off Centre.” Cho is like Richard Alpert…never ages. Can you believe he’s 37?

  • Nick,

    So funny you said that because in preparing to interview John Cho I was on his IMDB page and was shocked to discover how old he was. Talk about winning the genetic lottery!

  • Dave

    Glad to see someone else loved the show Off Centre. That was such a great show that fell victim to the WB’s stupid moving and timeslots that it had the show on at.

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