Leonard Nimoy Teases His Much-Anticipated Return to FRINGE

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Tonight at 9PM on FOX (“A” Channel in Canada), one mysterious and powerful writers inexplicable idea to leave fans hanging, rob them of answers and subsequently zap a show of all its creative momentum following one of the most talked about season finales of last season (see: May’s jaw-dropping reveal) is rectified when the elusive and mysterious Dr. William Bell finally makes a much-anticipated return to FRINGE.

Consider it FRINGE’s second season premiere, take two. And here to tease what we can only imagine will be a very revealing episode is none other than the logical one himself, Leonard Nimoy. Who was kind enough to take some time out of his schedule to talk about what fans can expect from tonight’s episode and beyond.

So, what exactly is William Bell doing ‘over there?’
Leonard Nimoy:
William Bell is sort of a “master of the universe,” a brilliant man, very wealthy man, very powerful. We’ll find out a lot more about him in future episodes.

When will William Bell and Walter Bishop face off?’
Unpredictable at the moment. In the episode tonight, the scenes are between myself and Olivia, I think we will learn a lot more than we have known in the past about what their relationship is all about and what William Bell’s intentions are, or at least we will be told what his intentions are. We’re not really quite sure that everything that he says is accurate or true.

Since there seems to be two of every character, will we see another William Bell?’
Yes. I don’t think I can really answer that question very specifically right now. I think the most important thing is that tonight, where we will get a sense of what his relationship is with Olivia. It’s very intriguing and very intense moments that take place tonight, and the rest remains to be seen.

I’m waiting to see what these terribly imaginative writers come up with for the future. I’m expecting that I probably will be going back to work for them before too much longer. I’m looking forward to what they send me on the page. But, right now, I think we go a long way tonight in discovering what William Bell is all about.

Is William Bell good or evil?’
That’s a really wonderful question. Time will tell.

  • Ace

    I’m really glad they were able to get him to come back this season. When they first cast Leonard as Bell they only booked him for one episode which just seemed ridiculous since the writers had built him up as an important person to the show.

  • Blair

    I am thoroughly pleased that Mr. Nimoy has chosen to be a member of the Fringe family.His performances, as recently shown in the Star Trek film, are achieving even more “gravitas” and intensity than when he was a younger man. He has aged well; seasoned well. What a terrific personality, and a subtle actor. His performances are to be savored.

  • Teresa

    I have been waiting for his return because I just knew that this would lead to some sort of face off with Walter Bishop. I wonder how much of this actually lead to Walters breakdown. It could be that William Bell did something so despicable that Walters mind just snapped!

  • Jeff

    For further clues, read “The Talisman” as this series seems to be based on much of the Talisman concepts.

  • Bill K.

    How brilliant! Logical, too. Putting Nimoy, probably the most recognizable S/F actor in two generations on Fringe. If they keep it up, Fringes will become as big a financial success and appointment TV as X-files were. And, not to take a THING away from Sculley / Gillian Anderson, Dunham / Anna Torv is an absolute visual and speculative delight. Great show.