Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Primetime Soaps — Featuring Major Stars — You Probably Don’t Remember

Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Beals and Lisa Hartman (pre-Black) were among the residents of a swank beach house who dealt with everything from prostitution to being hit with lightening.

What do you get when you shoehorn Yasmine Bleeth, John Barrowman, Casper Van Dien, Perry King and Victoria Principal into a show about a family that divides their time between flying high as the heads of an aviation company and traversing the low road in their personal relationships? A very expensive, very unpopular NBC drama.

Just as 90210 began MELROSE PLACE, that apartment-set drama begat this pre-BEAUTIFUL LIFE look at how the pretty people live (but not eat… never eat) starring Linda Gray, Robert Beltran, Garcelle Beauvais and a pre-Matrix Carrie-Anne Moss.

Based on the classic 1953 flick — and the less-classic 1979 miniseries — this sudsy take on life in the wake of the Pearl Harbor bombing starred Kim Basinger, William Devane, Don Johnson and Barbara Hershey.

Dana Delany was a housewife with desperation issues long before moving to Wisteria Lane. In this short-lived 2001 sudser, Delany presided over a California clan that included Balthazar Getty, Natasha Gregson Wagner and Martin Donovan.

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  • Nick

    How about SAVANNAH, the original WB soap from Aaron Spelling and the creator of Charmed?

    It starred Jamie Luner, Ray Wise and George Eads, among others.

  • Ace

    My favorite show that no one else remembers is “It’s Like You Know”. It was similar to Seinfeld in that it was a show about nothing, but hilarious. Jennifer Grey played herself and it had Evan Handler (Harry on SATC) and AJ Langer (Rayanne from My So Called Life)!

  • missdona

    My favorite “lost show”, not a soap though, was the Powers That Be, NBC comedy from the early 90s. John Forsythe, Holland Taylor, Peter MacNicol, David Hyde Pierce (as a comically suicidal congressman) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (before 3rd rock) as his son.

  • tao

    I remember Titans with Victoria Principal. It was so lame. There is also a thing called Pacific palisades with Greg Evigan. It was a kind of fake Melrose place.

  • I’m with Nick on SAVANNAH. It also started Robin Lively, Blake Lively’s older sister. And since Savannah kicked off the WB and GG is on the CW I think it’s all come full circle.

  • Irish Joe

    How has no one mentioned CPW (Central Park West) yet!? Another of Darren Stars masterpieces!
    Starring Meriel Hemingway, Racquel Welch, Lauren Hutton, John Barrowman, Madchen Amick, Amanda Peet and the ever delightful Kylie Travis… I wonder whatever happened to her… after the awful-but-i-still-loved-it Pacific Palisades of course (another fine addition to this list!)

  • Irish Joe

    Oops, just remembered that it was Kimberly Davis in Pacific Palisades.. and Kylie was in Models Inc.. sorry!

  • Sean Storm

    Don’t forget ‘THE COLBYS’ (which barely lasted two seasons). It starred Charlton Heston, Barbara Stanwyck and GREASE 2’s Maxwell Caulfield. Okay, go ahead AND FORGET ‘THE COLBYS’.

  • Tim

    LOL What’s worse? I watched 3 of those 5 when they were on. LOL And yes, they were bad. My all time favorite? Flamingo Road! Morgan Fairchild was the biznatch. Mark Harmon was on there too if I remember right. Where’s he now? NCIS. #1 show. Repeats plz. lol

  • Jess

    what about Point Pleasant with Grant Show. Also Pasadena was that the one where she was romancing the Rev. played by Nathan Fillion