On the Fly with… DOLLHOUSE Star Dichen Lachman


ON HER AUSSIE ROOTS: After breaking onto the scene in NEIGHBOURS, Australia’s longest running soap, Dichen followed in the footsteps of fellow NEIGHBOURS alum Jesse Spencer, Russell Crowe, Kylie Minogue and Guy Pearce by hightailing it to America after landing the role of Sierra in Joss Whedon’s DOLLHOUSE. “NEIGHBOURS has a huge, huge audience, but as far as the production values or quality of writing… no where near DOLLHOUSE.”

ON THE WHEDONVERSE: As Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk and Summer Glau will tell you, there is a serious fringe benefit to nabbing a starring role in a Joss Whedon show (You know, outside of getting to spend time with the man, the myth, the legend himself!) That benefit: The Whedonverse. “The Joss fans are wonderful. They love him, love his work, and love the people who he brings into his world,” says Lachman. “I mean sure, there are a few people out there on the internet who think anonymity buys them this license to be nasty for want of a better word that I don’t want to repeat into a recording device. But for the most part they’re gorgeous. I have a twitter, I communicate with them, they write to me, I write back a lot of them, make me laugh, they’re so supportive, it’s great. I’m so lucky and am loving it.”

ON WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS: On October 23, the highly secretive Rossum Corporation will be a little less so, when fans finally get a closer look at one of the Dollhouse’s most mysterious members, “[But] not too close,” warns the actress. “Just enough to understand what happened in Sierra’s life to bring her to where she is today.” Adds Lachan, “This season is less about the engagement-of-the-week and more about how deep this thing [the Dollhouse] goes and how very wrong it is. Be excited, it’s really really cool.”

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  • I look forward to the Sierra episode. Anything to steal attention away from Echo.

  • Bonnie

    I’m so stoked about learning the back story on Sierra! Heck, any time we get a peak into the why’s and what for’s I’m stoked!!! I love all the characters of DOLLHOUSE but am not pleased with this season’s opening creds. It’s ALL Echo. Maybe I’m crazy but I thought there were shots of the other characters in last season’s?

  • i dont know why people are hating on echo so much, she is the main character. Last season i agree, she was child-like and after Epitaph one and this season, she appears to be interesting, different, and more along the lines of a true heroine. They rag on Eliza’s acting, but i think its great, she is suppose be along the lines the same, becasue echo is trying to push through