What Is Wrong with this Picture?


CMT Network has begun advertising the latest addition to their comedy line-up in and around Toronto Bus shelters. Truth in advertising, we think not.

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  • Sebastian

    Omfg! They can NOT be serious.

    “Your dentist: it’s like pulling teeth, only funny!”

  • Josh Emerson

    They need to remove the “only funny” box!

    Although truthfully, I also have a problem with how CMT has become a non-music network. Viacom did the same thing to them as they did to MTV and VH1. I mean, showing According to Jim? What exactly does that have to do with country music?

  • Theo

    I have see these in Vancouver too.

  • John

    The woman is wearing the blue shirt and the man is wearing the pink shirt? That alone is funnier than anything on ATJ.

  • Debsa

    It’s a LIE….