With the notable exception of last night’s very-well-done, albeit slightly too long episode of THE OFFICE (Made all the shorter by me having to fast forward through Michael Scott’s too-painful-to-watch toast scene), I’m embarrassed to report that I’ve once again sullied my self-proclaimed title of TV Addict by missing out on all of our favorite Thursday night shows. Which is why I find myself standing before to say (a) For the sake of my sanity an dmy PVR I’m once again passing the buck to you all — my far smarter and better looking readers — to post away with your thoughts on last night’s installments of COMMUNITY, PARKS AND RECREATION, THE OFFICE, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, SUPERNATURAL, BONES, FRINGE, FLASHFORWARD, GREY’S ANATOMY & PRIVATE PRACTICE.

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  • Ace

    I’m behind on FlashForward, so I actually watched Vampire Diaries live instead. I have to say the show has been much better than I expected. The writers are certainly not afraid to kill people off!

    Fringe was great last night. I don’t mind the stand alone “freak of the week” episodes (at least not on this show…the stand alones bother me on Dollhouse), but I prefer episodes that move along the overarching mystery. And this was definitely that kind of episode. I’m glad they didn’t drag out what Bell told Olivia any more. Question though…do we think they have completely ditched the other female agent? She hasn’t been in the last few episodes at all. I certainly wouldn’t complain, but weird that they brought her in just to ignore her.

  • Dave

    I liked the episode of The Office. The only part that really drug on too long was the ending. It seemed 15 minutes long between the dancing and the clips of Jim and Pam on the boat and all.

    Falsh Forward was sort of a light episode, but still good. I think the episode was dropping some hints at some things that could become larger elements in the long run.

    Have to watch Fringe and Community still.

  • Nick

    Anyone not watching Vampire Diaries is missing the boat. Last night was great, next week……wow, amazing.

  • I continued to pass on Twilight: The TV Series (despite the allure of Paul Wesley’s abs) and watched NBC’s comedies plus Desperate House-Bones & Fringe. I’ll watch FlashForward or Grey’s at lunch today, haven’t decided.

  • Josh Emerson

    I never watched Twilight and have had no interest in watching Vampire Diaries.

    I thought The Office was great. I’m actually glad the show didn’t get too over-the-top sentimental with the wedding. They found a way to keep it funny but still touching in certain parts.

    I’m enjoying Grey’s this season, though some things still continue to bug me. We’re supposed to believe that Alex and Izzie can’t afford to get their own apartment? Are you kidding me?

  • Sarah

    Grey’s Anatomy was great. Merideth and Lexie’s dad needed a liver transplant and of course Lexie wasn’t the one that was a match for him. Lexie had a nice speech to Marideth why she needed to help her dad. What I am confused about is where they are going with the cast. Callie quit Seattle Grace on the season premire and now Yang is talking about quitting. I know they are adding people from the other hospital but why are they making the main characters quit.

  • Sarah

    Private Practice was surprising. I expected Violet to try to get back to work and to try to forget about her experience but instead we got someone who runs to the closet everytime the door bell rings. She implied that she blames the baby for what happened to her. And Addison is acting very strange.

  • Walter, on Fringe, is such a uniquely done character–so odd and lovable all at the same time! It is a great show and my favorite of your list. The only other show that is also very remarkable and enjoyable (in my eyes) would have to be Flashforward.

  • Edward

    Why isnt anyone taliking bout community im loving that show i think its the best new comedy (i like cougar town but this is better)

    Supernatural well they killed paris hilton and in a funny way so it was good

    Twilight hmm im still giving it a chance because nina dobrev is really cute and the show isnt bad

    Im still missing on Private Practice i want to know want happened to Violet
    I left Grey a long time ago

    Fringe is good but its the same

    About FlashForward im still waiting for a coment on it from someone who doesnt likes Lost

  • To those comparing Vampire Diaries to Twilight please don’t. Vampire Diaries was written long before Twilight. If you don’t like vampires that’s one thing but don’t just chalk it up to it being Twilight 2.0

  • Liz

    Parks and Rec had its best episode yet! There were multiple laugh-out-loud moments, and there was more balance between Leslie and the other characters (except Andy, who I don’t think appeared at all). This show is getting better and better!

  • O.S.

    Private Practice was great. I’m surprised how writing improved since last season. I would say that now it’s comparable to shows like House etc. Amy Brenneman and Tim Daly are stealing the show with their brilliant acting.
    I was ready to give up on the show last season, but now I’m going to watch. Suddenly it became really good. I don’t know, maybe they have new writers.

  • I just wanted to add that TPTB really need to give me a break on Thursday nights. There’s so much I end up waiting til Sunday to catch up with Fringe and Bones on Hulu and then it starts all over with Sunday, the second busiest night on television.

  • Chitown_mimi

    Ok, let’s run through my shows:
    Grey’s- I don’t know why, but it’s not really gripping me. I had no feeling about Meredith and Lexie’s dad being sick. I felt like “who cares? He drank himself to death.” Something is missing and I can’t put my finger on it.

    Private Practice- I gotta say, the first two shows are great! I thought it would be ultra cheesy because of the shark jumping [Violet’s stomach being cut open by a crazy patient]. But that dilemma didn’t last long and we were able to move forward rather quickly. I really feel for Violet and really understand her mixed emotions of joy over her child and shock over the devastating thing that happened to her.

    The Office- The wedding was really sweet. Michael’s scenes were just painfully uncomfortable and hilarious to watch. Michael just has no mental guard that goes up to monitor what he says. Loved it.