Career Trajectory Alert: Eriq LaSalle and Brittany Murphy


What does a former ER doc have in common with the star of Clueless and Girl, Interrupted? They both find themselves the subject of this TV Addict’s latest public service: Our Career Trajectory Alert. A real-time system that immediately alerts an actor (or actors) when their career looks to be on life support (Patent Pending).

Tonight’s inaugural alert goes out to the stars of MEGAFAULT, actors Eriq LaSalle (ER) and Brittany Murphy (Clueless, Girl Interrupted). Who this evening, will find themselves inexplicably racing to develop a plan to save the world from a potentially disastrous crack threatening to tear the world in half. Why inexplicably you ask? Well, if it was our career that went from the likes of ER and Clueless to this, quite frankly, we’re not so sure saving the world would be high on our list of priorities. We’re just sayin’

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  • Pona

    Brittany Murphy’s career should have ended a long time ago. I just can’t believe she’s still getting parts/roles!!! In addition to her stiff activity in an action movie like MegaFault, her timing, responses are slow and acting is not believable! Her performance has even tainted the other actors who are not all bad. What is with this girl? Send her back to whatever past she came from. She’s ugly and contrived.

  • ewanspotter

    Wow. I can’t believe that’s going to DVD. This sounds like a SyFy movie.

  • Robby

    She was one of my favorite actors but I don’t understand whats happened to her and frankly she looks awful. What happened to her? Eric Lasalle, was he ever famous with the exception of ER, Brittany’s atleast made some big movies…I don’t get it!

  • alan0825

    we have a winner..SyFy indeed….also had Bruce Davison and Justin Hartley

  • Margaret

    Brittany Murphy ruined her career by getting her hair done – badly. That seemed to have an adverse effect on her acting. Shame as once she was really good. Can hardlt stand to watch her now.

  • Margaret

    Sorry meant face (most noticeably lips) – brain went askew!

  • Jess

    lol, i thought the same thing when i saw promo on Syfy.

  • Nick

    Oh come on now, Margaret….haven’t Meg Ryan, Nikki Cox, and Melanie Griffith shown us that FISH LIPS are truly the ticket to career success?


  • Nooooo, why brittany murphy 🙁

  • I loved brittany murphy in sin city

  • brittany murphy was so sexy 🙂