TV Ratings: Friday October 9, 2009

Source: MediaWeek, Ratings: in millions
Time Network Show Rating 18-49
8PM CBS Ghost Whisperer 8.60 2.1/7
NBC Law & Order 7.23 1.5/6
ABC FlashForward (R) 3.11 0.8/3
FOX Brothers 2.35 0.8/3
CW Smallville 2.30 0.8/3
8:30PM FOX ‘Til Death 2.36 0.8/3
9PM CBS Medium 8.30 1.9/6
NBC Dateline 7.05 1.5/5
ABC Modern Family (R) 2.95 0.9/3
FOX Dollhouse 2.25 1.0/3
CW America’s Next Top Model (R) 1.16 0.5/2
9:30PM ABC The Middle (R) 2.76 0.9/3
10PM CBS Numb3rs 7.13 1.6/5
ABC 20/20 6.07 1.5/5
NBC The Jay Leno Show 5.33 1.4/5

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  • Wow, ABC is really putting in the effort on Fridays aren’t they?

  • Who could blame them. Friday is not a great night to show new material. They might get extra mileage out of giving people a 2nd chance to see new shows they’re trying to push.

    Besides, they still did better with repeats than Dollhouse did with a new episode. And, 20/20 still did better than Leno (granted, that’s not hard to pull off).

  • Hil

    Funny, as I watched two hours of ABC Friday. Their reruns are still better than the first runs of the other networks. The good show on Friday nights otherwise is Medium and I am so far behind on that show I am waiting for the DVDs.

  • Ugly Betty will have a two-hour premiere next week. The repeats for their new shows are necessary to gain more exposure for the new shows

  • how can the networks keep showing the god awful crap and stay in business?
    How about avariety show with all kinds of music, real dancers not the stiff jerky crap, funny people not the polictly corect jerks, a real western not some idiot being noble and outting up with bad people, and a hard hitting drama where real people are shown; maybe a blue collar worker is copping with his job beeing sent overseas and adjusting to low pay

  • Nick

    jame…..are you speaking of Rosie!….Arrested Development…..Gunsmoke…..COPS…..and Roseanne? Been done.