Blogger Beat Down: Hates Kids!

modern family abc cast

The subject of’s inaugural BLOGGER BEAT DOWN is… writer Richard Lawson, who in a recent editorial claims that “MODERN FAMILY’s kid characters almost ruin the show.” How much do they bother the scribe? “To be blunt,” he admits, “I just really hate the kids.”

Our Take: While Lawson points out that it’s not exactly realistic for pre-teen Alex to ask her beautiful step-grandmother about her sex life — let alone for 10-and-three-quarters Manny to offer up sound parenting advice to Claire — we’d like to remind him that… um, FAMILY is a comedy. Is it any more realistic for Ed O’Neill’s curmudgeonly alter ego to purposely fly a plane into his son-in-law? Heck, for that matter it seems pretty unlikely that Julie Bowen’s Claire would settle down with a guy like Ty Burrell’s Phil! But see, there’s this thing called “suspension of disbelief” that is at the heart of all good comedy. It’s what allows us to believe that Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer would ever be friends, or that Sam Malone would be helplessly drawn to Diane Chambers. And frankly, when it comes to annoying kids on network television shows, we’ll take any of the FAMILY brood as opposed to the cloying kids who populated FULL HOUSE or pretty much any kid who has ever appeared on any show on the Disney Channel.

Next Up: The genius at Newsweek who thinks our favorite serial killer, DEXTER, needs to get the axe. Stay Tuned…

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  • The kids on Modern Family are fantastic: who wants realistic kids on a sitcom? Their intelligence in comparison to the adults is perhaps my favourite thing about the show. Plus, while Alex and Manny are quite lucid and intelligent, Hayley is boy crazy and Luke wants to bounce on a trampoline with a box on his head with no pants on. There’s variety, implying that children are different…which they are. It’s great stuff.

    However, I also think Dexter needs to die, so clearly I’m due for a beat down any day now. 😛

  • Dave

    I think the kid’s are a great thing on the show. The difference between the kids and the challenges and problems dealt with by the parents in relation to the kids is some of the best parts of the show.

    Dexter should not die but I think the struggle of him not being caught that has been the run on theme of the show should be given a rest. He runs the show we know he won’t be caught. Move past that concept already.

  • Tammy

    Manny is awesome!! Dexter is amazing tv….if you don’t like it, don’t watch!

  • Kelly

    Team Modern Family Kids. Richard Lawson can suck it.

  • Richard @

    I totally get suspension of disbelief, guys. And yes, I know the show is a comedy. But because it’s a comedy, I expect everyone on the show to be funny. That includes the kids. And kids pretending to be little adults are fundamentally unfunny. That’s all I’m saying.

    Anyway, thanks for the linkage!

  • I think you shouldn’t add an apostrophe to a plural of a word…

  • Kathy is ridiculous in the extreme. This is only the latest example. Have you ever gone there and had the pop-up window that says the site *requires* you to link your Facebook account to it? (This happens if you are logged into Facebook when you have the misfortune to follow a link from Google to This is not to comment or do anything else interactive. They think that if they allow you to fill your eyeballs with their precious pixels, they should be able to worm their way into your FB account. Yeah, so it doesn’t surprise me that one of their columnists would say something this laughable.