NBC Rains On Our Parade

glee sue sylvester

As if handing over five hours of primetime real estate wasn’t reason enough for NBC to find themselves in this TV Addict’s bad book, TMZ is reporting that the Peacock Network has banned the cast of GLEE from performing in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade that annually airs on their network.

According to gossip behemoth, “Macy’s invited the GLEE cast — the deal was all but signed — but when rival NBC found out, they told the department store to pull the plug.”

Which is why we’ve officially decided to pull the plug on NBC and pledge not to watch this year’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Or, as Sue Sylvester might put it, we’re gonna bring this Glee Club Network down — one viewer at at time!

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  • Sean Storm

    BRAVO to NBC for not allowing GLEE to be in the parade. Its ONLY FAIR because ABC, FOX and CBS have banned THEIR stars from appearing on THE JAY LENO SHOW. What GOES around, COMES around!

  • Kevin

    There is a parade on Thanksgiving Day?

  • Sean,

    Actually FOX and HBO (since both nets don’t compete with LENO at 10PM) are encouraging their talent to appear on Leno’s show.


  • BJ

    Banning them from appearing on Leno and other talk shows is more understandable than banning someone during Thanksgiving, which is totally going against the spirit of the holiday and for what exactly?

  • Ryan

    LOL at Sean being that wrong.

    Anyway, this sucks. I was fond of the Glee cast showing up in more random events than anyone else.

  • Ace

    I wish the networks would ban their stars from going on Leno…anything to bring back some semblance of quality to NBC.

  • Tim

    some one else said nbc stands for ‘no body cares.’ LOL we all should be banning leno from our tv. over nbc.

  • Wack NBC. But rather than protest the parade, I would (I have) stop watching NBC altogether. The only thing I watch is 30 Rock and I catch that on Hulu.

  • Nick

    Boy, NBC is one network that can’t afford any more bad press. This is just a PR nightmare. Creating a firestorm when—in all actuality—who under the age of 65 watches anything on CBS, particularly an old-fogie parade on a day off?

    (Yeah, you know it’s true!)