First Look: Summer Glau Visits the DOLLHOUSE


On October 30th, Joss Whedon’s muse will return to “The Public Eye,” in the DOLLHOUSE episode of the same name when Summer Glau drops by the Dollhouse playing Bennett Halverson, the genius programmer from the Washington, DC, Dollhouse. More photos of which can be found after the jump.







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  • oooh I can’t wait! So glad that Joss rounded his “team” together again!

  • It’s like a Whedon-verse reunion.

  • I almost didn’t recognize Summer Glau at first. I like her innocent, geeky look. So far she’s played crazy characters on Firefly & The 4400 and a cyborg on T:tSCC. While she was superb in those roles, hopefully, she’ll be playing someone much more normal, warm, and down-to-earth on Dollhouse. The show sure could stand to have a likable character right now.

  • Anita

    Only one worry. Remember Tru Calling? T’was canceled prematurely. And remember TTSCC? Same thing. I hate to admit but Dollhouse will pretty much last 13 epidodes this season and not another one.

  • blueberry

    Usually I would be defending the pending cancellation of a show like Dollhouse, but the first few episodes of the second season haven’t been good. The episode with Amy Acker was okay but the rest were so boring.

    At the very least, a cancellation of Dollhouse could free up Whedon to do something better and free up room on my DVR for now.

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