Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Things C.T. Knows He’ll Probably Be Crucified For Saying


Leighton Meester is no Paris Hilton.
Sorry, but Meester’s latest track — “Somebody To Love” is an underproduced crap-fest that is far less catchy than Hilton’s I Want You or the Blondie-esque Stars Are Blind.
This should be SUPERNATURAL’s final season.
No, not because the quality has gone down or I’m bored with the show, but from a story-telling point of view it would make sense to save “the end of the world” for your last hurrah. BUFFY even joked in their musical episode about how commonplace the end of the world can become when our heroine sang “Apocalypse? We’ve all been there. The same old trips. Why should we care?” This is in no way to say that the Winchester boys should call it quits… just that armageddon is a tough act to follow.
NBC was right to boot GLEE from the parade.
Could it have brought younger viewers to a parade they’d never normally consider watching? You bet. But NBC is a business and let’s face it: If you’re Baskin-Robbins, you don’t invite Ben & Jerry to hand out samples in your lobby. Especially knowing that Ben & Jerry are selling something people actually want.

ONE TREE HILL is boring.
Where are the nasty nannies and psycho exes? Why has Dan been given about 10 minutes of airtime so far this season when he is without doubt the best villain in the show’s history? The characters we love — minus, of course, Peyton and Lucas — are there, but it feels like most of them are going through the motions waiting for a real plot to kick in.
Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck may be the smartest men in the country.
Is every word out of their mouths moronic? You betcha! But they’ve also managed to make millions upon millions of dollars by cranking up the public’s fear, spreading lies and generating the kind of publicity for themselves that NBC couldn’t get if they announced all of their shows would begin featuring nude actors.

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  • Lynn

    I agree about Supernatural. I watch and enjoy the show, but I fear where it could go after this season. It seems like the perfect time to close it all, either with a nice bow or with a nice huge epic disaster.

    They said they have an idea about where could go past this season, but I really don’t even think I’m interested to see it. Like you said, the end of the world is just too final. WIn or lose.

  • Dave

    Completely agree with One Tree Hill. This season has gotten of the a VERY boring start.

  • Amy D

    As much as I love Leighton Meester, I defin. have to agree about her song. Such crap.

    Halfway agree about One Tree Hill. I hated the nanny and psycho storylines. So stupid. I can only distend my disbelieve so much. But OTH is pretty boring. And yet I still enjoy watching it. Especially now that Leyton is gone 🙂

    Also have to agree about Glee and the parade, as much as it pains me :(. I would have loved to see them in the parade.

  • Edward

    i agree with Leighton Meester although she is hot she cant sing (ive never heard any other song)

    OK it would be awsome if supernatural ended this season not because i dont want to see it (its one of my favorite shows) but cause then it would have a good ending (not like battlestar galactica). But well we have to meet with 3 other horseman and the one we know is still alive, and o yeah they havent found good (please god dont let them ruin the show by bringing you in)

  • I agree with the Supernatural part…but if it was going to be it’s last shouldn’t they have switched it with Smallville? FYI: They put Smallville in the tv graveyard(Fridays).

  • Agree with everything you said. Supernatural creator Eric Kripke had a 5 year plan so it should end at the end of this season. I don’t want it to go the way of Smallville and OTH that will never end and just get worse and worse.
    Thought Leighton Meester sounded pretty bad on the Cobra Starship song but she sounds even worse on the song you mentioned. Dare I say it’s up there with Heidi Montag’s music.

  • Ace

    I think #2 is actually why Heroes went down hill after the first season. Once you have saved the cheerleader AND the world, every other story line seems pretty lame.

    And Leighton should definitely stick to acting. Love or hate Blair, she is the best thing about GG.

    In some ways I think you are right about Glee, but late night hosts have had guests from other networks for years and no one whines about that being a bad move. Sure more people watch the parade, but how many of us really sit down and watch it? In my family we are taking turns in the shower and then helping getting the food ready. If I catch 15 minutes of the parade, it is a good year. The only people who are going to make sure they catch the Glee cast are those that watch the show. And the others probably won’t really know what show they are from.

  • Kyle

    i think you’re all wrong about Supernatural!
    I think Eric Kripke is very very smart when it comes to this show, & if he takes it past season 5, he’s not going to do it w/o some amazing story. I have faith, and I DEFINATELY want Supernatural to continue, I can’t imagine my Thursday nights w/o it!

  • Nick

    I’m still intrigued by the idea of a Supernatural: Origins series. A western-type setting with Mr. Colt and the whole railroad-trap sealing the hellmouth. There’s lots of material to mine there.

    (On an off note, I don’t know why I thought that parade was on CBS. Guess I just associate old people with watching parades, and old people watch CBS.)

  • Mel

    I disagree on Supernatural. I’ve enjoyed the angel/demons apocolypse storyline — but I want it done AND I want to see the Winchesters move on with their lives and tackle something else. The story’s not about the end of the world anyway. Its about Sam & Dean.
    So far, EK & Co have been very good at bringing in and finishing up villian’s arcs. Dean said it — Lucifer’s just another cockroach piece of supernatural crap with a big ego. Squash him under the Winchesters boots and bring on the next baddie.

  • Campbell

    As much as I hate to admit it, I agree with everything you said in this post. From the fangirl(that would be me)-dreams-killing #2 to Leighton Meester’s singing and the overall boringness of OTH.