Question of the Day: Is Wednesday the New Thursday?

GLEE, MODERN FAMILY, THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE, COUGAR TOWN, THE MIDDLE and GARY UNMARRIED. I think Wednesday just officially become my new favorite night of the week. What say you?

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  • Near52CNN

    Nip Tuck is making Wednesday for me! Thursday still has my heart, though.

  • SaneN85

    I love Wednesdays now, so many funny shows on. However, it’ll still take more than that to remove the Office from it’s throne as my favorite show. So, Thursdays are still Thursdays to me. Plus, Thursday is still the hardest night on my DVR, I even miss a few minutes from each show because I’m recording so much. I actually have officially requested Thursday nights off from my part-time job, it’s that bad.

  • Josh Emerson

    Take Gary Unmarried out and I’d say that Wednesday and Thursday are even for me. Both have two hilarious comedies back-to-back (Modern Family/Cougar Town, The Office/30 Rock), a slightly less funny third comedy (Community, The Middle), and an hour long dramedy (Glee, Grey’s). Although Wed. also has Old Christine, so that’s a bonus.

  • TVFan

    Wednesday is definitely a little more light-hearted, but Thursday has Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries which are my two favs

  • KaeDee

    I guess for me, Thursday is still the Thursday it always was only MORE crowded this year,a nd Wednesday has nothing to offer.
    Criminal Minds (Because there’s nothing else I’m interested in.)

    Vampire Diaries (Still haven’t managed to watch this)
    The Mentalist


  • Mia

    my addiction keeps me hooked not one, not 2 but 4 nites a week…
    Sunday, Monday, Wednesday & Thursday!
    25 shows a season, gotta multitaks a lot-

  • Ace

    Apparently I’m going against the crowd on this one because I just could not get into Cougar Town. I had to turn it off half way through last week’s episode. I think my biggest problem is that I don’t get why the beautiful Courtney Cox felt the need to botox her face so much that the only way she can show emotion now is to shriek and bumble about. Just makes me miss Monica more.

    My Wed. is SYTYCD, Glee, MF, and Top Chef.

  • Jamie

    Not yet, but when Friday Night Lights starts in 2 weeks, it WILL be — and I’ll be having to make a TiVO Sophie’s Choice for 9pm…Glee, MFam/C-Town, FNL…something’s not gonna get recorded!

  • Sarah

    I do love Wednesday night shows. I look forward to them all week. I watch Old Christine, In the Middle, Modern Family, and Cougar Town. I think Cougar Town has to be my favorite. With all that being said I am still addicted to Grey’s on Thursday nights.

  • Jamie: I luckily am on the West Coast and have a time delay. I’ll be taping FNL at 6 and then Glee, MF and Cougar at 9.