Watch, PVR, Pass: Wednesday October 14, 2009


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  • Linda B.

    Catchup night for me:

    Heroes (2)
    Fringe (2)
    Eureka (3)

  • Josh C.

    im disappointed u wont be watching the best reality show on tv SYTYCD

  • Nee

    Yeah, leaving SYTYCD out is a big TV fail… Also, how did Nip/Tuck fail to rate at least a PVR?

  • Sorry Josh and Nee,

    I terms of SYTYCD, while I have an enormous amount of respect for the dancers I’m just not a dance fan. And as for NIP/TUCK, much like the patients of McNamara/Troy, the show is a hollow shell of its former self. What used to be a really fascinating social commentary on the depths humanity will go to for beauty, youth, money and power has devolved so far from its original roots I don’t even recognize it.