First Look: Heather Locklear Returns to MELROSE PLACE


What does a fine wine and Heather Locklear have in common? Easy, they both get better with age. Something we quickly discovered after perusing these just released photos from Locklear’s November 17 return to MELROSE PLACE, where she’ll reprise her role as scheming advertising public relations exec Amanda Woodward. See for yourself after the jump.






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  • Tim

    can’t wait to see her on the new melrose. and to also check out her ‘face.’ have u seen joan van ark from the 90′s? lord, stay away from nip/tuck’s and botox. didn’t priscilla presley’s face teach hollywood nothing? see also hunter tylo.

  • Victoria

    I was going to make some comment about this post but then I noticed (and took) the poll on the left and now all I can think about is that you have 29 readers who think Two and a Half Men is the funniest thing on television. I am blown away.

    I’ve never even watched Cougar Town, Gary Unmarried, or Parks & Recreation but I know they are funnier than Two and a Half Men. Wow, all I can say is wow. 3rd place, wow.

  • Nick

    Victoria, I’m certain TVA’s readers are more savvy than that. This must be a case of voting for the worst or ugliest, just to make fun of it. Because any logical-thinking person knows that 2.5Men is about the worst piece of so-called “comedy” to ever hit the air. (Another thought: maybe the moronic Emmy voters cast those 33 votes, because they–snicker!–actually think Jon Cryer is funnier than Neil Patrick Harris. I can hardly type those words with a straight face. It’s insane.)

  • yousillygoose

    2 1/2 men is drivel, but I accept that somehow it wormed its way into a successful tv run and I just have to live with its laugh-track jokes and emmy-muggin second string stars.

    but Cougar Town 36 votes? COUGAR TOWN? This show is crappier than 2.5 men’s worst drivel.

    Good god.