Separated at Birth: FAMILY GLEE


Dear Seth MacFarlane,

Should you ever find the time to develop a live-action FAMILY GUY adventure — you know, during your spare five minutes between voicing and writing three hit FOX shows (FAMILY GUY, CLEVELAND SHOW and AMERICAN DAD) and your extra-curricular activities that include developing sponsored hilarity for both Google and Microsoft and the occasional FLASHFORWARD guest appearance — we’ve already got you your Neil Goldman. Meet his real-life doppelganger Josh Sussman, GLEE’s resident Rachel Berry stalker Jacob Ben Israel. You’re welcome. Seriously, no executive producer credit necessary.

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  • Renée

    I totally said that while I was watching Glee last night!

  • showtime

    LOL! That’s it!
    Ever since I saw him in an eipsode of Wixards of Waverly Place (yes, I watch children’s shows…it’s still good tv) and it kept bothering me that he looked like someone I have seen before

  • Keith

    You finally found someone with a Jew-fro that wears glasses? …. great

  • LB

    OMG, you are SO right! I knew he reminded me of someone and this gave me a total “Aha!” moment.