Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Questions with FRINGE Star Blair Brown


How surprised were you by the FRINGE season premiere that had your character Nina Sharp locking lips with Lance Reddick’s Agent Broyles?
Blair Brown: Yeah I think both of us were taken aback. But the beauty about acting in FRINGE is that there is a great narrative with lots of stuff going on, leaving lots of room for actors to act. So what you really need to do is act the possibilities of anything. Last year, Lance [Reddick] and I would be sitting around and wonder who these people are to each other because we’d get lots of stuff that sort of indicated that we’d known each other for a long time. Nina had spotted Broyles in the FBI, mentored him and now this kiss. Yet the beauty of FRINGE is when will it be dealt with again next and what cost does it have?

Speaking of cost, everyone involved with Fringe Division seems to have had to pay some sort of steep price. Olivia was experimented on as a child, Walter spent a lifetime locked away and Broyles lost his wife. What, aside from her arm, did Nina lose?
I really wonder about the arm. I know we say it’s due to cancer, but I’ve always felt it had to do with Nina crossing over. Was I one of the guys [William Bell and Walter Bishop] guinea pigs? We know my arm was used as a storage unit by William Bell which is why I was targeted last year. But there’s a whole lot of mystery out there that has yet to be sorted out.

With episode six revolving around Broyles backstory, should fans expect a Nina-centric episode to unravel some of the character’s mystery?
I’m assuming there is a Nina episode coming down the pike. What I sense from the writers this year is that FRINGE kind of works on two tracks. There is the dense one with all the fringe science and espionage. And then there’s the more emotional track with the characters and what all this has cost them. Which is more what this is about — things get more and more intense as the group becomes tighter and more inter-connected.

One connection fans just recently made was Olivia and William Bell. Will Nina be connecting with William Bell in the near future?
The only question I have asked the writers is: Can William Bell and Nina be in the same room at the same time? They said not this season. Which is very interesting because I know I’m communicating with him, that’s quite clear in upcoming episodes. But again, what is the nature of the relationship and why was Nina left to be the face of Massive Dynamic?

Have you met alter-Nina?
Not yet, although I hope I do. None of us have met our alternate universe counterparts yet. I figure she will be the antithesis of Nina though. I imagine either a Donna Reid-esque happy mother of six with a station wagon. Or perhaps she could be hanging out with Johnny Kennedy at the White House. Nina does like to associate with powerful men!

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  • Ace

    What I love about the character Nina is the same thing I love about Ben on LOST. Just when you are SURE that she is evil, you get some information that makes you think she might be playing for the “good guys”. Is she trying to help them or hinder their search? I don’t know! And that is what makes her a good character.

  • hannah

    ohmygoodness. i love this show and i constantly wonder about nina. is she the good guy or is she trying to stop fringe. i can’t get enough of this show! super excited about tonights episode!

  • DB

    for the love of tv god, fox needs to get this show out of thursday night 9pm battleground because it is sinking!

  • kingjules71

    I know! Fox is terrible with managing their shows’ time slots. This is why so many of their superb shows get cancelled while the lame ones live on, simple scheduling issues!

  • tombasek

    I Love Nina Sharp – beautiful and powerful woman with mysteries, but I belive she is the good one! I wnat more Nina in Fringe! Thank you for this great interview!

  • MichaelB

    As far as Fox’s scheduling, remember when Fringe followed American Idol and you were never sure whether it would start on time or a few minutes after… it was annoying. Maybe that’s why they settled on Thursday since Idol usually airs on Tuesday and Wednesday.

  • Peter D

    Nina Sharp, a wonderful character, Fringe seems to be one wonderful performance after another, so much better than the X-Files, although the first 2 seasons of that are pretty hard to top!
    Lets see just who is pulling the strings behind the extradimensional invasion plot!

  • I enjoy Nina’s character, and I enjoy Blair Brown. She’s always been one of my favorites.

    I would love to see more of her arm though. That’s one of the things I like about this show – showing the tech of the future, here today.